How To Thank The Universe (Law of Attraction)

how to thank the universe law of attraction

Learning how to thank the universe and use the law of attraction through the energy of gratitude is about shifting your energy. Being thankful is not so much an act but an attitude and a way of being.

When you truly feel grateful your energy shifts.

You raise your vibration and you align with the law of attraction. The energy of gratitude removes all resistance and you quite literally align with the frequency of everything you truly want to attract and manifest.

Being thankful can not be used as a tool to manipulate the universe though. Gratitude can not be faked.

Only when you truly focus your energy and attention and deeply feel that sense of gratitude do you raise your vibration.

Why Thank The Universe?

Almost every single book about the law of attraction talks about being thankful and grateful as part of the manifestation process.

We hear it almost daily and most of us grew up with ‘good manners’ and learning to say thank you when someone gives you something or does something for you.

If God or Source or The Universe gave you life and you recognize It as your source of supply then there is certainly more than enough to be thankful for.

Many religions teach about a ‘needy’ God who demands gratitude and service.

I think that it is a false teaching.

The universe does not demand your gratitude or your service. This life was given to you and you were given free will to do with it as you please.

Being thankful for everything in your life does not buy you any favors or special treatment – which is what religion teaches indirectly through their idea of gratitude.

Most religious people are thankful out of fear.

That is not true thankfulness.

True gratitude and being deeply thankful for something comes from deep within. Ultimately, being thankful to the universe is a shift in your energy.

The Power of Gratitude and The Law of Attraction

The real power of gratitude lies in truly feeling grateful for everything that you already have. It is a deeply emotional experience and when you truly feel thankful for something your energy shifts.

It is this energy that comes from feeling grateful that is the real power and the real purpose of gratitude.

When you feel truly thankful to the universe you raise your vibration. It lifts you out of the lower vibrations of fear, worry and anxiety and raises you to a vibrational level where you can be aligned with all the good that you truly desire.

The law of attraction works on vibration and the law of vibration is the primary law.

The law of attraction dictates that you can only attract and manifest into your life that which you are in vibrational alignment with.

In simple terms, this means that you can not attract and manifest something if your energy aligns with its opposite. Most people’s thoughts and emotions (their energy) are consumed by the fear of not having what they actually want.

The simple truth is that grateful people always have enough.

Ungrateful people never have enough.

This is not just true for physical possessions but for everything – including love, friendship, joy and all the experiences of life.

The moment you become thankful for what you already have scarcity moves out of your life.

Being thankful for what you already have does not mean you don’t want more or better. There is a big difference between being ungrateful and being dissatisfied.

Learning how to thank the universe and use the law of attraction effectively is all about learning how to tap into the emotion and the mindset of gratitude.

Like any other emotion, you can not fake gratitude. You either feel it or you don’t.

Gratitude is an energy that opens you up and allows you to ‘match up’ and align with everything that you desire and want to manifest.

When you learn how to thank the universe, the law of attraction is allowed to work in your life with the least amount of resistance.

That is because it is impossible to feel truly thankful and hold a resistant thought at the same time.

5 Ways To Thank The Universe & Use The Law of Attraction

Being thankful and grateful has to become what you are if you truly want to tap into the joy and abundance of the universe.

Being thankful is not so much about something you do. It is something that you ARE.

When you ARE a certain way, your actions flow naturally from that.

It is easy to see this with ungrateful people. They will always find something wrong, something to complain about, and something that is missing.

There are however some characteristics of grateful people. You may need to deliberately do these things until it becomes a natural way of being – until it becomes WHO YOU ARE.

Here are 5 powerful ways to thank the universe and invoke law of attraction in the process:

1. Say It

Vocalizing what you are thankful for is the first and most common way to express gratitude. We all do this all the time with other people but rarely do this to the universe.

Say out loud or just to yourself ‘thank you for…’. By vocalizing it and often only when you say it out loud do you really hear it and hear yourself.

Saying it out loud can be very powerful because there is a different energy to speaking it out loud than just keeping the conversation in your mind.

Saying thank you to the universe at every opportunity you have through the day is a sure-fire way to open yourself up to the law of attraction.

2. Write It

I’ve written a lot about journaling and writing things down to help you manifest. There is immense power in putting pen to paper and the physical act of writing it, seeing it on paper, and having the thoughts stream out of your consciousness.

Keeping a gratitude journal is incredibly powerful. Having a daily habit and a ritual for focusing on what you are thankful for breeds an attitude of gratitude.

3. Contemplate It

Gratitude is a feeling and not just a thought or an idea. When you are truly grateful for something you FEEL it.

It is that feeling that is the real secret to opening you up to the law of attraction through the act of thankfulness.

Taking a time out and spending time by yourself in quiet contemplation is the perfect opportunity to really tap into what you feel most thankful for.

Just listening to some music, going for a walk or spending time in nature are great ways to deliberately contemplate what you are most thankful for.

4. Meditate On It

Meditation is more than just a way to quiet your mind and to relax. As Dr. Wayne Dyer used to say, it is a way to make conscious contact with God or the universe.

I find that meditating on the things I am most grateful for really helps me shift my energy faster than anything else.

Learning how to thank the universe and use law of attraction relies on a clear, quiet, and focussed mind. The daily practice of meditation – even if it’s just 10 minutes will help you tap into that energy of creation.

5. Show It

This is one of the harder concepts but arguably the most profound. When someone does something nice for you, you don’t just say thank you but we tend to feel the desire to return their kindness.

The way to thank the universe is through being kind, compassionate, and giving to all of its creation.

When you are kind towards others it is an act of thankfulness – but only if it comes from a place of true selflessness and giving.

The ‘Thank You’ Technique For Manifesting

Years ago when I first read The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy I learned a very powerful manifestation technique.

Dr. Murphy understood the power of ‘thank you’ and what gratitude can do in terms of your energy and your manifestation.

This Thank You technique revolves around developing a grateful heart and mind. It’s about changing your entire mindset in your everyday life.

He suggested that you start saying ‘Thank You’ for everything in your life all day long. By ‘forcing’ yourself to deliberately be thankful for everything you never allow resistant thoughts into your life.

Even if you just repeat the words ‘thank you’ as a mantra it will help you develop this attitude of gratitude.

He also suggested that you use the Thank You technique to be grateful for what you still want to manifest.

It is a way to thank the universe and use the law of attraction. By being grateful for what you still want to manifest you create the assumption that you already have it.

Rhonda Byrne also suggested a similar technique in The Secret and Neville Goddard underlined this idea as the most important in manifesting anything.

Assuming that you already have what you still want to manifest is what creates the ‘attraction’ with the law of attraction.


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