How To Release Fear Spiritually

how to release fear spiritually

Learning how to release fear spiritually is all about moving beyond the fears and frustrations that you may feel is holding you back.

Trying to force yourself ‘through’ your fears or to somehow win over them will only perpetuate your woes and leave you feeling frustrated and helpless.

To release fear spiritually you turns your attention inwards and focus on your own inherant power. Your Higher Self is beyond any fear that may be bogging you down.

Always remember this line from A Course In Miracles: If you knew who walked beside you at all times, on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again.

Why Fear Is Your Friend

At first glance almost everyone sees fear as some sort of ‘enemy’ – as a sort of protagonist who is there to prevent you from becoming everything you could be.

As you gain a deeper understanding you start to see that fear is in fact there to serve you and that fear is your friend.

Fear can show up as two kinds of friends…

1.The unwelcome friend:

The unwelcome friend turns up unannounced and almost always overstays their welcome. It’s the kind of friend that you only tolerate and one that you find hard to get rid of.

This unwelcome friend is usually in your life because you just don’t have the guts to tell them off or to let them go in a polite manner.

2.The Unfiltered Friend:

The unwelcome friend makes a lot of sense because fear often shows up that way. However, fear is a different type of friend.

Fear is more like an unfiltered friend. It’s that friend that does not hold back and simply speaks their mind.

As the unfiltered friend your fears truly are your friend as it reveals to you things about yourself that often remain unknown and that you have a limited awareness about.

It reflects back to you what is going on deep inside yourself.

Your fears can be a great source of insight into those parts of yourself that are not so obvious and that you often can’t quite identify.

Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.” – William Shakespeare

Can You Overcome Fears?

Ultimately, fear is a protective mechanism that is born into each and every one of us as a mechanism to help you survive in some shape or form.

Not all fears are born into us instinctively. Fears are created and developed in our life experiences and by the time you reach adolescence you have a laundry list of fears and none of them was chosen consciously.

Psychologically you can overcome a whole range of fears.

Requires a lot of work on your Self – your habits, your apparent shortcomings and your personality.

You can dig into your past, analyze things that was, things that are and things that should have or could have been.

Most people spend a lifetime doing this.

Some succeed but most never do.

As long as you try and cut fear out of your life by treating is as an enemy you will always have resistance in your life.

The saying that you have to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ accurately sums up the fact that fear is something you need to work WITH rather than AGAINST.

The idea of releasing fear spiritually is not about overcoming fear or eliminating fears.

Releasing it means you remove your attachment to it. Instead of allowing it to control you, you become the one who is in control.

5 Steps To Release Fear Spiritually

To release fear spiritually you have to go beyond your daily human consciousness. Most people live their lives like little robots – reliving the same week every week.

Life becomes a mundane ritual where you simply live your life in response to external conditions.

When you live your life ‘outwards’ you become consumed by fears. You look around you and see only what IS. You create a reality in your own mind that is based on what you see, what you’ve experienced and what your imagination can construct around all the worst case scenarios.

When your life is rooted in your Higher Self; in that spiritual Divine spark that is the real you then you can not experience fear.

When your life is rooted in your Ego then your fears and worries will rule your thoughts, your emotions and your entire consciousness.

So, what this boils down to is that you have to let go of your ego as much as possible and plant your consciousness firmly in your Higher Self.

How do you do this? Here are 5 steps that you can start implementing in your life today…

1. Make Conscious Contact With Your Higher Self

There’s a big difference between knowing God and knowing about God. Knowing about God comes from others, from religious institutions and from cultural inheritance.

I spent my childhood around these people.

They know how to answer every question about God. They know ‘his laws’ and everything that was written about God from one point of view.

The reality is that these people are probably the least spiritual people I have ever met.

God is not only part of you but IS you. There is a Divine spark in you – call it your soul, your spirit or your Higher Self.

What you call it is not important.

Making conscious contact with it is, and really getting to know your True Self is they key to unlocking your own Spiritual Power.

Making conscious contact with your Higher Self is simple. All you have to do is to be quiet…

2. Be Quiet

It’s been said that God’s one and only voice is silence. When you go beyond quieting your life and you start to quiet your mind you get to ‘hear’ that still small voice inside you.

Most of us experience this without trying at various unexpected places. You may be walking in nature, floating in a swimming pool or drifting off in a daydream.

You feel sense of bliss and inner peace as you tune your energy and attention into the Divine Channel of peace, love and harmony.

Learning how to release fear spiritually revolves around the idea that you remove yourself from the outer world where your ego is fighting for its existence.

At a spiritual level, all those wordly problems have no weight and no consequence.

Your Soul is eternal. You can never be disconnected from the Divine and everything that happens to you in this life simply happens to you. In the eternal scheme of things nothing can harm you, nothing can hurt you and nothing can be detrimental to your Spirit.

This idea is incredibly liberating because it almost instantaneously removes you from fear since most of our fears arise from the ego’s needs.

All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.

– Blaise Pascal

Being quiet, blocking out the outside world and turning your attention inwards allows you to connect directly to your Higher Self.

As you get quiet you can get even deeper into it and reach a state of being where your Higher Self becomes dominant. You can do this through meditation and contemplating…

3. Meditation and Contemplation

Meditation in an ancient spiritual practice that allows you to enter an ‘altered state of mind’. In recent years many studies have found that meditation really does create a measurable effect in human consciousness.

While there are still some wrong connotations to meditation, it has largely been westernized and modernized. People like Deepak Chopra has made meditation easy, accessible and acceptable to all walks of life.

It does not require any special method or special training.

It does require practise though.

The ego mind will resist and try and talk you out of it. Through meditation you can reveal a whole new dimension of life and not only change the way you see yourself but dramatically change your perception of life and reality.

Learning how to release fear spiritually requires a changed perception. It’s not about changing the ‘thing’ you fear or the conditions attached to it.

It simply requires a change in your perception.

Once you’ve had a changed perception there are still cha;llenges you will face. The way to deal with recurring and persistent fears is to start living from your Higher Self…

4. Live From Your Highest Self

Do you live from your ego or do you live from your Higher Self? When the ego is in charge, fear will run rampant in your life.

The ego is all about competition, about being bigger than and better than everyone else. This breeds fear and anxiety as you constantly have to worry about getting stuff and also about keeping it.

While the ego is all about me, me, me, the Higher Self is all about we, we, we.

With empathy, compassion and kindness in your heart you are constantly looking outside yourself for ways to love and serve others.

Fear can not exist in that sort of energy. It deprives fear of the ‘oxygen’ it needs to grow.

The Higher Self wants peace. It seeks love and joy and recognizes the Divinity in everyone and everything.

Living from your Higher Self requires a change in consciousness. Feeding yourself spiritually and growing spiritually helps you become more conscious.

One of the most powerful ideas on how to release fear spiritually comes from Vivekenanda, the 19th century monk and philosopher.

The blossom vanishes of itself as the fruit grows. So will your lower self vanish as the Divine grows within you.

– Vivekenanda

As the Divine grows within you, you will ‘outgrow’ all these everyday earlyly fears that control much of your daily life.

5. Love and Light

When your life is turned inwards, fear has something to feast on. When your life is all about yourself, your own needs, desires and problems then all your energy gets turned inwards.

By nature these thoughts become toxic because it is the ego trying to get more, be the best and to win over anyone and everything else.

One of the great paradoxes in life is that when you truly start to give of yourself, to serve others and to practice kindness, compassion and empathy then (and only then) do you really start to serve yourself.

When you turn your attention outwards, you are able to release your own energy. Your energy is an endless fountain and will pour forth with no limits.

When your attention remains inwards your energy remains very limited.

Many spiritual texts talk about love and light. It’s not just an analogy for how energy radiates from you but it also reflects the way in which you are as a spiritual being.

Start seeing yourself not just as a bag of bones but as an energetic being. The way you are radiates from you.

You can become a source of love and light in this world.

You simply need to decide that you will become that. When you start looking outwards and look at ways and means in which you can give love to anyone and everyone you change yourself energetically.

When your heart is full of love, compassion and empathy then there is no room for fear.

When the light dominates your consciousness, the darkness that we call fear simply can not exist.


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