How To Manifest Winning A Giveaway

how to manifest winning a giveaway

Learning how to manifest winning a giveaway is about picking a ‘small’ prize that you have no emotional attachment to and then using the creative process of setting an intention and building the image of already having won.

Many people try to use the law of attraction to win the lottery.

Most fail.

It’s not that the law of attraction does not work, but rather the means that they have chosen to receive the abundance they desire is incredibly limited.

Winning the lottery is probably the worst way to try and manifest financial abundance.

The idea behind using deliberate manifestation to win prizes, giveaways and contests is to get your mind off the fixation with money.

It’s almost impossible to visualize winning the lottery.

It is very easy to visualize yourself winning a free meal, a holiday to Cancun or a lifetime supply of toilet paper.

My approach to manifesting winning giveaways is not so much about accumulating free stuff but more about being able to deliberately attract things into my life – things that I do not have ‘big’ emotional attachments to.

The Hidden Reality Behind Manifesting Money

One of the most popular topics that attract most people to manifesting and the law of attraction is money.

I’ve been interested in the topic for more than 20 years now and have read almost everything about it I can get my hands on.

Most people who say they want more money or who try to manifest ‘a lot’ of money fail to do so. In fact, for most, it actually leads them to the opposite result.

Whatever you make ‘big’ in your life and whatever becomes important you almost automatically place an emotional charge on it.

This emotional charge is what causes you to focus on the opposite of what you really want on an energetic level.

You may say you want more money and you really think you do. In reality, your thoughts about having more merely acted as a reminder that you do not have it.

Instead of placing your energy and attention on what you DO want you unconsciously drift to what’s missing and what you DO NOT want.

Therein lies the only real problem with manifesting anything you want.

Manifesting Money Vs. Manifesting Stuff

One of the most impactful lessons I’ve learned about this problem of manifesting money is to remove money from the equation.

Trying to manifest money can be one of the hardest things to do if your focus is on manifesting money.

Money is an abstract concept. It is NOT the dollar bills you put in your wallet.

Money is a means to an end.

As long as you are focused on the means to the end, you are focusing on the wrong thing. The mind has a very hard time visualizing the abstract concept of money.

The hidden reality behind wanting to manifest more money is that you only really want more money because of what you think you can do with it and how that will eventually make you feel.

If you can take your energy and your attention off ‘the money’ and place it on what you really want – that which you think the money will buy you, or better yet, how you will feel once you do have it then you will eliminate most of the resistance.

So, that’s a lot of theory to bring me to this idea of manifesting winning giveaways, competitions, and prizes.

Contests, Giveaways and Winning What You REALLY Want

If money is a big deal for you, if you have issues with money and have beliefs that confuse you about having real wealth then you need to take your mind off money completely.

There are many ways to manifest wealth and prosperity other than winning the lottery.

Learning how to manifest winning a giveaway is a great way to shift your energy and attention off the idea of money that blinds so many people.

The amount of stuff I’ve won over the last 10 years is staggering. In fact, I’ve been winning stuff since I was a teenager.

Most of what I won when I was younger was done through this exact process to manifest winning giveaways – even though I did it entirely unconsciously back then.

Over time I realized how effectively I was really using the law of attraction.

There are 3 main reasons why learning how to manifest winning a giveaway is such a great ‘exercise’

  • It gets your mind off ‘the money’ and on to something real, concrete and attainable
  • Its something small and is often insignificant enough for you not to get hung up on emotionally
  • It is easy to visualize and see yourself having or winning it

As human beings, we are all wired to have emotions attached to different things. For most of us, winning the lottery is a ‘big thing’ and we believe that it is hard or nearly impossible.

On the other hand, winning a book, a gift card or an iPhone seems much ‘easier’ – partly because we attach less monetary value to it.

To the law of attraction, there is no difference between $1 or $1 mil.

Learning to manifest winning a giveaway for $1 is the exact same process that will allow you to manifest winning $1 mil.

The real difference is all inside you. The real difference is in how you use your mind and emotions.

4 Steps To Manifest Winning A Giveaway

Winning something small by using your deliberate intention and consciously utilizing the law of attraction can be a very powerful thing.

It’s not so much about what you manifest. It’s about the process and experiencing manifesting something that has the odds stacked against you.

Step #1: Pick a Giveaway You Want To Win

It almost goes without saying but you need to pick something that you want to manifest winning. I suggest you pick something small and something that you feel indifferent about.

In many ways, this is a process that you need to learn and that you need to experience firsthand to get good at it.

In reality, all you really need to learn is you need to learn to TRUST.

Whatever you place your energy and your attention on WILL come into your life.

What’s also great about this is that there are so many giveaways and prizes that you can win that you will never run out of the next opportunity to practice.

Step #2: Create an Intention

Creating an intention is about getting really clear on exactly what you do want. To manifest winning a giveaway you can easily see yourself in possession of the prize.

It is something concrete. It is something real and something that you can easily describe.

This is really important.

Do whatever you can to make it real. Collect pictures. If it is something you can see or hold in a store, go do that.

The more you can do to make it real the more clarity you will have.

Step #3: See Yourself Already Having It

Visualization is often something that most people overcomplicate. We all visualize all the time. In many ways your mind operates through images.

The line between imagination and memory is actually very blurry.

Recalling a memory from 2 year ago and imagining something does not feel all that different from each other.

To manifest winning a giveaway you have to be able to see yourself already having. It goes beyond winning and imagining yourself as the winner.

Can you see yourself having it, using it and enjoying it in your life?

The ability to imprint it on your mind and to get emotional (excited) about already having it is the key to manifesting.

Once you reach that point where you feel grateful for already having it you’ve gone beyond merely visualizing it and getting excited about it.

You internalized it and your subconscious mind has accepted it as yours.

Most of your time and ‘effort’ with manifesting anything should be spent on focusing your thoughts and your attention on already having what you want to manifest.

One affirmation that has helped me a lot is this one (that I got from Neville Goddard):

Isn’t it wonderful now that I have [insert what it is that you want to win]

Step #4: Let Go And Allow

This is where most people fall over. They get confused about their role in the creative process.

Your one and only job are to get clear about exactly what you want and to keep your mind focussed on having it.

The how-to and the details are not your job. You do not have to weigh up the odds, figure out how you can win or enter 50 times to improve your chances.

Those actions tend to create resistance because they are grounded in the thoughts of NOT winning.

If you feel inspired to do something then do it, but don’t try and force it in any way. Focus intensely on already having it and then let go completely.

You almost want to forget about it in between those times where you deliberately focus your energy and attention on having it.


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