How to Manifest Someone Back Into Your Life

how to manifest someone back into your life

Learning how to manifest someone back into your life is all about holding this person in your (loving) thoughts, really imaging them back in your life and letting go of all the negative emotions and obvious problems that create resistance.

We are all connected to each other. People you had relationships with you tend to have a very special connection with.

Even when we separate from these people we once had a strong bond with, we can still have strong connections with for quite some time.

The mere thought of someone can instantly conjure up a flood of emotions and memories. This can either serve you or it can hurt you.

What I want to do with this article is to show you that you can turn any feelings of longing, sadness or even depression about someone’s absence from your life into a powerful force to attract them back in some shape or form.

This does not guarantee that you will attract that exact person back but if you are truly open and receptive you will attract a similar energy.

Ultimately it is not people we love as much as how those people make us feel about ourselves, teh energy they bring to us and the attachments we have to them intellectually or emotionally.

A Powerful Question To Ask When You Want To Manifest Someone Back Into Your Life

Why do you want this person back in your life?

The answer, when you really drill down, always comes down to the way you feel when this person is in your life.

This is a very powerful exercise because when you have a feeling to focus on you really tap into the raw power of the law of attraction.

When you focus on the way you will feel when this person is back in your life it does three things.

  • You Attract More Like Energy.
    When you hold a thought in your mind that thought immediately starts attracting ‘similar thoughts’ which attracts similar energy to match your thoughts. It is your feelings that create the true attraction in the law of attraction.
  • You Remove Resistance.
    When you focus on the way you truly feel about this person it shifts your energy away from any sadness, depression or even guilt about this person not being in your life. You don’t focus so much on all the obvious problems and all the things that are in the way.
  • You Open Yourself To Someone ‘better’.
    This is not always the case but often you will actually manifest someone ‘better’ than the person you hope to manifest back into your life. By better, I mean someone who matches your intentions better. The universe knows so much more than you do. You may think that someone is perfect for you but they probably aren’t.

7 Steps To Manifest Someone Back Into Your Life

Manifesting a person back into your life may seem difficult, hard or even impossible especially when you become blinded by current circumstances.

I have come to believe that nothing is impossible. Truly.

This is a mindset and a belief that you need to adopt. Holding the opposite belief is in fact thoughts that offer resistance to what you want to manifest.

If you truly believe that you can manifest a person back into your life then you absolutely will see it happen.

I have two warnings for you though. The first is that it will rarely happen on your schedule and according to your pre-determined ways and means.

The second is that even though you can (and will) manifest that person back into your life they very often will come back into your life to fulfill a different role. So, be truly open and receptive and allow the universe to unfold.

1. Create The Intention

Having the intention to manifest someone back into your life is simply the decision you take that you want this person back in your life.

This is not a wish.

It is not a hope either.

It is an intention. You ARE doing it and you start living your life with a sense that this person is back in your life – even if it’s just in your thoughts for the time being.

Writing down your intention is a powerful way of committing to it. Write down “I am so happy and grateful now that {name} is part of my life again…”

2. Hold This Person In Your Consciousness

The idea of telepathy might be a bit far-fetched for some but there is ample scientific evidence that thinking about someone can reach their consciousness.

We’ve all had the experience of really thinking about someone and then the phone rings – its them!

When these things happen we tend to call it coincidence but as the word suggests – a coincidence is when two things fit together perfectly.

When you think about someone and you really focus your thoughts and your energy on a specific person then your thoughts reach them in some shape or form.

This does not means they will call you or show up on your front door immediately. It just means that at some level of their consciousness the thoughts reach them.

Edgar Cayce helped solve hundreds of missing person cases by simply ‘tuning into’ other people’s energy.

To manifest someone back into your life you have to spend time with them in your mind. Hold them in your (happy) thoughts as often as you can.

3. Live or Relive Vivid Experience(s) Together

This is the fun part. Often when we try to manifest things into our lives it can feel forced to try and imagine something we don’t really have first hand experience with.

Imagining a million dollar lifestyle if you never had more than $100k can be a challenge to your mind.

However, if you have great memories with someone it is not hard to relive these memories. In fcat, it is fun and your mind has no problem going there, believing it and attaching joy to the thoughts.

If you have photographs with this person, look at it often.

The idea of reliving great experiences together engages your entire being – your thoughts and feelings. This activated the law of attraction in a powerful way.

One caveat is to never do this exercise when the memory makes you feel sad, depressed or reminds you of that person;s absence.

Remember that the universe responds to your energy – not just the thought.

You can look at a photograph of someone and feel a sad longing or you can look at the same photograph and feel a happy and joyous memory – excited about many more to come.

4. Create an Imaginal Act

This is one of the techniques from Neville Goddard that I believe is one of the most powerful law of attraction exercises there is – especially when you want to manifest someone back into your life.

An imaginary act is an idea that you create around a specific thing you will do once your intention is manifested.

For instance, you can imagine the act of throwing your arms around someone and hugging them. You can imagine opening your front door and there they are with a big bunch of red roses.

It does not matter so much what the ‘picture’ is that you create. What is important is that it is something you can vividly imagine happen ONLY when your intention is manifested.

It’s about creating some future event that can only happen once your intention is manifested.

Once you’ve created this imaginary act you need to rehearse it every night before you fall asleep.

Imagine it over and over again. Imagine it in as much detail as possible.

5. Make Room For Them In Your Life

If you want to manifest someone back into your life you need to make room for them in your life.

It may sound a bit silly but as you do it you will soon discover that by doing this you are really inviting this person back into your life.

Suppose you are single and what to manifest an ex partner back into your life.

Do you have space for them in your bed? In your wardrobe? Is your living space tidy and inviting and does it reflect someone who is in a relationship?

Do you have time for them? Or is your social calendar so full you simply won;t be able to squeeze them in?

By making space for someone in your life you are preparing and eliminating all those things that actually provide very real resistance to them coming back into your life.

6. Be Grateful

First of all, gratitude can not be used as a way to manipulate the law of attraction into giving you what you want.

Your inner being knows what your true feelings and intentions are.

Gratitude is a powerful way to manifest anything into your life. When you are grateful for something BEFORE you even have it in your life then you create the assumption that it is already in your life.

When your mind accepts an idea it must come to pass. This is because your beliefs break down and you allow it into your life.

By being grateful for having this person in your life you create the assumption that this person is in your life.

Gratitude also does something else that is amazing.

When you feel grateful, all fear disappears.

If you ever feel fearful or worried about your manifestation not showing up, simply turin to gratitude. Find something about the situation to be grateful for.

If that is too hard, find anything to be grateful for. The energy of gratitude is what opens up your consciousness and what allows more to come to you.

If fear is what closes the door then gratitude is what opens the door.

Start by being really grateful for this person you want to manifest. Be grateful for their presence in your life. Be grateful for anything about them or anything you were able to share together.

When you bring this person into your gratitude practice you automatically soften all your resistance towards manifesting them back into your life.

7. Don’t Be Attached

This may not be what you want to hear, but you have to be willing to let this person go completely. You can not create in another person’s reality.

Yes, you can (and will) manifest them back into your life if you follow the steps above but that does not compel them to stay.

They have their own free will.

They have their own desires to fulfill.

The reality is that we rarely want a specific person back into our lives because of the person. It is our own associations and feelings around that person and that relationship that we truly crave.

That is why there are many people that can fulfill us and be 100% compatible with what you want to be, do or have in your relationships.

Being attached to someone is based on fear. When your manifestations are based on fear then you inevitably manifest what you fear.

With your intention to manifest someone back into your life, be sure to release them in love and joy. When you do that you not only release your own attachment but you are able to manifest them back with the right energy.

If you truly love someone you truly want what will make them happy, what will fulfil them and you do not demand from them what is in reality a selfish choice to satisfy your needs.

Whether it is a family member, an estranged friend, a ex-partner or even a very distant acquaintance – let them go. Release them and wish them nothing but love, peace, joy and harmony.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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