How to Manifest Money to Buy a House

how to manifest money to buy a house

Learning how to manifest money to buy a house is not about manifesting money at all. In fact, if you are trying to manifest money in order to facilitate or realize another goal then you will almost certainly fail.

By far the biggest mistake with manifesting is when your energy and attention is on the ‘wrong things’.

Do you want the money or do you want the house?

We tend to believe that money will fix all our problems. Unfortunately this is not true but the association to money and being able to buy what you think you need is a very logical one.

While it is most certainly true that money can buy you a house, focusing on manifesting money in order to buy a house is a very bad strategy – one that had disillusioned many people.

Why You Will Never Manifest The Money To Buy a House

Manifesting money is one of the hardest things to manifest. Why is that? There are a number of reasons why…

Money is an abstract concept

While you can see, touch and even smell cash the reality is that those things only represent money. Money is an abstract concept.

Trying to visualize money by seeing a sum in your bank account or a pile of cash is really hard because it lacks the emotional connection you need to truly activate the law of attraction.

We have ingrained beliefs about money

Money is a very touchy subject and we all have money beliefs that trouble us to some extent. This is mostly because of how we grow up and what we are taught about money before we even have the ability to comprehend it.

Almost everything you think and feel about money is installed in your subconscious mind as a belief.

You don;t really think about money.

You react about money. (that is to say you re-act about money(.

Money is a highly emotional subject

Because money is such a vital part of living life in a modern world, we have learned to be very emotional about it.

The main emotion however is not joy, but fear.

The fear of not having enough, the fear of losing it and the fear of not having your needs met can play some serious tricks on your mind and your emotions.

These emotions get linked up and without knowing it the mere thought of money can trigger certain emotional states within you.

Its never really ‘the money’ that you want

You may think you want a big pile of money or a lot of zeros at the end of your bank balance but beyond that there is something deeper you want.

You don’t want the money.

You want what the money can buy you.

You don;t even want what you think the money will buy you.

What you ultimately want is how you will feel once you can buy what you think the money will buy you.

Once you reach this you come full circle and realize that you do not even need the money. You can feel any way you want to feel – especially the way you think you will feel once you have bought everything you think the money will buy you.

Ironically, once you get to that point and you can have that feeling, that is when you truly tap into the law of attraction.

The law of attraction mirrors that feeling and in return your start manifesting the money – without trying to manifest money.

Manifesting Money vs Manifesting a House

The really important understanding I want to drill into you in this article is that you need to direct your focus where it needs to be.

It was probably the biggest manifestation mistake I made for many years – causing me a lot of frustration and even some real low points in my life.

When you think you are manifesting something and all your energy and attention goes into it it can be very deflating when you see no results.

This is almost always because your focus is on the wrong thing.

A good example is with people who try and manifest a lottery win.

Do you really want to win the lottery? I mean, really!?

Do you want to win the lottery or do you want the million bucks?

It’s a subtle shift but a very important one.

Thinking that you need to manifest money to buy a house is exactly the same. When you start ‘prescribing’ to the universe not WHAT you want but rather HOW you want it then your energy and attention is on the wrong things.

The more prescriptive you become about the ‘How to’ the harder it is for your manifestation to materialize.

When your focus is ONLY on the end result then you open yourself to the magic of the universe. Its infinite wisdom can go to work because any and all avenues are open.

Very rarely will your manifestations show up in the way you think (or want) them to show up.

When you look back at your life you will see just how true that is. All the really amazing things you attracted and manifested came to you in a completely surprising and unique way.

That is because you had no attachment to how it gets delivered and you were truly open and receptive.

Can You Buy a House Without Money?

The failed premise is that you need to buy a house. Yes, buying it is one of the most common ways to gain ownership of a property you can call your home.

It is not the only way though.

While it is important not to limit the law of attraction in terms of the means through which your ultimate desire comes to you, it is good to start opening your mind to all the possibilities.

You could…

  • Inherit a house
  • Win a house
  • Win money to buy a house
  • Marry someone who own a house
  • Find a job that pays for your housing
  • Have a relative offer to help you with a bond
  • Take advantage of lending laws and interest rate drops which allows you ‘in’
  • Qualify for Government programs such as ‘first home buyer grants’ can open up to you

One thing that really surprised me when I bought my first house was just how much less I needed than I thought I did.

In my head, buying a house always seemed like this big financial mountain. When I eventually sat down with some real experts, it turns out you don;t need that much – at least not as much as I thought I needed.

The point I want to make is that you need to start creating the reality of owning a home. Start living there mentally and emotionally – even if you have no idea how it’s going to come to you.

Make it real. Go see a broker. Understand what it will take financially to own the home of your dreams.

When you start putting numbers to it, you make it real. You also start attracting the right people that you will need to realize owning a home.

In the end you will most likely need some sort of money to buy a house but the point I am trying to make is that it is rarely as much as you think.

If your focus is on the money you are focusing on the wrong thing.

You are focusing on the means to the end and not on the end.

How To Manifest Money To Buy A House

The best way to manifest money to buy a house is to take money out of the equation completely.

When you look beyond the need for money you eliminate all the resistance around money that is ingrained in you.

One of the most valuable manifestation lessons I ever learned was from Bob Proctor.

In his book, You Were Born Rich he says that if you build the image of what you want and you hold on to that image to the exclusion of all ‘evidence’ then you will be provided with the means to make it real.

When your focus is only on the image of owning your dream home then you will attract everything you need to manifest it.

That includes the money you may need.

hold of not just buying your own home but living in it, enjoying it and being happy there. If you really drill down into your ultimate desire, it is not owning a home that you really want either.

Do you want to just have a title deed with your name on it?

No! That is just a piece of paper.

You want to own a home because of what it will mean to you, what it will make you feel and the security that it brings.

This is where you need to shift your energy and your attention.

The more you can move away from everything that stands between where you are now and where you ultimately want to be the easier it will be for you to manifest a house.

The universe will handle ALL of the details.

Your one and only job in the creative process is to get really clear on what you want and then to keep all your energy and attention ONLY on that.

To manifest money to buy a house you need to start beyond the money. As long as you are blinded by money as the means to the end you will always have that resistance to deal with.

When you build the image, you will be provided with the means to make it real.

1. Get Very Clear On What You Want

Getting real clear on exactly what kind of house you want, where it should be, what it should look like etc is really important.

It’s important not because of ‘placing your order with the universe’ but because it gives your mind direction. It gives you a compelling thought that makes you feel good.

Feel-good thoughts are thoughts that manifest faster.

Start collecting images of everything you like in terms of your future house.

2. Say Yes

It’s one thing to know what you want and to own it and its quite another to know what you want and resent it.

This can be a very subtle shift but a very important one.

Do you resent others who live in big fancy houses? Do you feel angry or hard done that you don’t have a big house?

Do you participate in conversations about how crazy house prices are and how you can not afford it?

Once you know exactly what you want, your job is to say ‘yes!’. Instead of resenting and complaining, when you see a beautiful house just silently say ‘yes, that is for me’.

Every Time you have a negative reaction towards something you want to manifest you are effectively saying ‘no, I don;t want that in my life’.

3. Get Real

The universe acts like a mirror and reflects back to us what we accept as our reality. One of the most popular and most powerful manifestation techniques to manifest a car is to take it for a test drive, sit in it, smell it, feel it, take pictures of yourself driving it.

Then relive that experience – look at the pictures as a reminder of the experience and rerun that mental experience as often as possible.

Because you have experienced the end result you can easily communicate your desire to the universe and the law of attraction responds very quickly.

You can do the same with manifesting a house.

Go look at open houses and gio view any and all the homes that you really like. Start looking – even if you do not have any money yet.

Remember, you need to start beyond the need for money.

4. Check Your Beliefs

What are your beliefs about owning a home? What are your beliefs about owning a really big home? With a pool, a big garden, a tennis court?

We all have a financial thermostat that keeps us at a certain level of what we think we can have or deserve.

If you come from a family that never owned a home then you most likely have very fixed beliefs about it – even if you had no idea about those beliefs being installed.

The great thing about beliefs is that once you become aware of it you automatically start questioning it and once you question your beliefs they lose their hold on you.

5. Isn’t It Wonderful

One of my favorite manifestation techniques at the moment comes from Neville Goddard and it is commonly known as the ‘Isn’t it wonderful technique’.

You simply use the phrase ‘Isn’t it wonderful that I now live in my new home on Hill Crescent’.

Using this phrase as a mantra does a few wonderful things.

Firstly, it creates the assumption that you already have the home. It also have that instant feel-good effect and instills a sense of gratitude for having it.

So many affirmation and visualization strategies actually have the opposite effect. They remind you of what you don;t have and affirming it or visualizing it just reminds you of what you don;t have.

This simple mantra can be used anywhere, any time. I like to say it and just close my eyes for 30 seconds and really ‘see it’.


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