How To Manifest a Lost Item

how to manifest a lost item

Learning how to manifest a lost item is all about stopping the usual behaviour that comes with losing something of value and shifting your energy and attention towards actually having it back.

Have you ever tried finding the salt in your kitchen and even though you know exactly where it is you simply can’t see it? “I can’t find the salt, I can’t find the salt, I kind find the freakin salt!”

What you are really doing is to tell your subconscius mind to NOT find it.

This is a simple illustration of what most people do subconsciously when they lose something – especially something of value.

The truth is that you can never really lose eanything. Where can it go? Its probably not going to leave this planet.

If it is somewhere then you have the power and the ability to attract it back into your life.

There is a Divine intelligence within us and that is operating in this universe that truly goes beyond our comprehension.

We all hear about incredible stories all the time – stories of how the ‘impossible’ is happening in everyday people’s lives.

Decide now that this happens for you too. You are a child of the universe. Its intelligence is in every cell in your body and it is operating in your life right now.

By being open and receptive to this intelligence and truly allowing the law of attraction to work in and through your life, you open yourself up to manifesting anything – even a lost item that you think is ‘impossible’ to find ever again.

A Story About Manifesting a Lost Ring

I’ve heard some pretty amazing stories about people manifesting ‘lost’ objects but the ‘best one’ is from one of my own family members (extended family).

My sister in law’s mom recently told me about how she manifested her lost wedding ring in the most incredible way you can imagine!

This particular ring was very valuable – both financially and sentimentally. Its been passed down for 3 generations.

While holidaying in Australia about 6 years ago she lost her wedding while on the beach. After days of searching she was finally forced to give up as her holiday was coming to an end.

She refused to believe that the ring was ‘lost’. She did not tell a soul (except for her husband) and knew that the ring was not lost but that it was still out there somewhere.

She believed with all her heart that infinite intelligence knew where this ring was and that she can attract it back into her life.

Fast forward 3 years later and she is back on holiday. Sitting on the same beach where she lost the ring she was coming her hand through the sand while lazily enjoying the sun.

Her finger touched something in the sand and it instantly sent a shockwave through her entire body. She said it was as if it was a jolt of energy.

She started digging and there it was!!! It was the ring she lost more than 3 years earlier – right there in the sand.

Talk about finding a needle in a haystack!

Her story really filled me with enthusiasm and knowing the law of attraction I could start to unravel her ‘process’ given the fact that she used the law of attraction ‘perfectly’ even though she did not know a thing about it.

What Not To Do When Trying To Manifest a Lost Item

When we lose something of value it is easy to get completely tripped up by the loss. It can be heartbreaking when you lose something that has great sentimental value.

If you want to manifest a lost item back into your life you should not get caught in this typical behaviour.

Being sad about it, telling everybody about your misfortune and grieving your loss is one way to ensure that the item stays out of your life forever.

The reason for this is simple.

The law of attraction will reflect back to you what you think about and what you make ‘real’ in your mind.

If you assure the item is lost forever then this assumption makes up your reality. Law of attraction responds to that and ensures that it can not find its way back to you.

5 Steps To Manifest A Lost Item

Manifesting a lost item back into your life can be a very powerful way of ‘testing’ the immense power of the law of attraction to attract and manifest ANYTHING into your life.

In the book The Secret, Rhonda Byrne shares a story about someone who created a very specific looking feather in their mind and how this showed up exactly like that.

The story illustrates how you will attract into your life whatever you can imagine – with clarity and belief.

1. What Do You Really Want

Habits can be very detrimental and most of us indulge in habits without realising what we are really doing.

When we lose something of great value we tend to tell everyone about it in a vain attempt to feel better about it.

Realise that every time you talk about the lost item, how terrible it is and how bad you feel about it, you are in reality ‘asking’ the universe to keep it out of your life.

What is it that you really want?

To manifest a lost item you need to turn all your energy and attention away from it being lost.

Decide that you are now going to think, act and speak only in ways that align with it being back in your life.

This does not mean you go around telling everyone about your intention to manifest it.

You do it with a quiet conviction. You turn your attention inwards and more than anything you stop talking about the item being lost.

2. Or Something Better

In Florence Scovel Shinn’s book The Game of Life And How To Play It she tells a story of a woman who lost a valuable silver pen.

She was distraught since the pen had great sentimental and financial value.

She advised the woman to start affirming that this item or something better gets returned to her through Divine right action.

By using the law of attraction she soon found herself in possession of a gold pen – one that was better than the one she lost in every way.

Sentimental items can’t always be replaced but if you can be open to something better replacing and filling the void that was created in your life then you truly open yourself up to many more possibilities.

Remember that sentimental items are items that YOU choose to attach value to. The real value and memories are within you – not the innate object.

3. Start Picturing It

The fundamental idea behind manifesting and the law of attraction is that you need to think more about what you DO want than what you don’t want.

What you think about expands.

It is a very simple idea but something that can be hard to put into practice – especially when you look at your ring finger and the ring is no longer there.

Using your imagination is still one of your greatest gifts.

By using your imagination you can direct infinite intelligence towards what you really want.

Every time you ‘see’ the item back in your life you are sending a clear request to the universe and the law of attraction responds.

Your real ‘job’ in manifesting anything is to picture the end result only. This requires a very diligent mind – a mind that refuses to see what is before it and who keeps all its attention on what it eventually wants.

4. Feel The Joy of Having It Back

Ester Hicks says that every subject is two subjects. There is the wanting and there is the absence of what you want.

When it comes to manifesting a lost item this is particularly true.

It is a game going on in your mind. When you feel the sadness and disappointment of the lost item it can quickly overwhelm you.

When you imagine the joy of having it back, you can really notice how your own energy shifts.

To to manifest a lost item you have to focus all your attention on the latter. As Neville Goddard pointed out – the feeling is the secret.

When you can feel the joy, relief, amazement and euphoria of finding your lost item and having it back in your life then you truly tap into the power of attraction.

That joyful feeling of the accomplished end result is true where your point of attraction is. The more you can stay there and be fully present in those thoughts and feelings the greater your attraction will be.

5. Be Grateful

A lot has been written about gratitude and I won’t repeat it here. I do want to highlight some key ideas that is important in manifesting a lost item.

Gratitude can be used as a powerful strategy to snap yourself out of certain negative or destructive mindsets.

When you find yourself overwhelmed with the feeling of loss or depression because you lost such a valuable item…use gratitude.

Instead of trying to change your thoughts from negative to positive or trying to force yourself to think a certain way, simply turn to gratitude.

Think of 2 things you are truly grateful for. As you do this your energy immediately shifts. You can not be truly grateful and be in a low energy vibration.

As your energy shifts so does your point of attraction.


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