How To Know if Someone is Manifesting You (13 Obvious Signs)

How To Know if Someone is Manifesting You

The easiest way to know if someone is manifesting you is if they keep showing up in weird, unexpected or even miraculous ways.

Whether you start dreaming about them, see their name everywhere or keep running into them in the stangest ways you should start to pay close attention and know that this is not coincidence.

We call this the manifestation process when someone puts positive spiritual energy into the universe, believing that their goal or dream will come true.

The universe communicates with the person who is manifesting, working with them to make sure everything that needs to align to bring a vision to fruition comes together perfectly.

However, you can’t always pinpoint exactly what you are manifesting.

For instance, if you’re putting out positive energy to attract a new romantic partner in your life, you won’t exactly know who it is until you finally meet them.

Even though you may not be able to put a face to whoever is entering your love life, the universe knows who it is.

And chances are, the universe is working to bring you two together because your soon-to-be- partner has also been manifesting you.

So how can you figure out if someone is manifesting you?

Is there a good sign that tells you if your soulmate is trying to attract you into their life?

Luckily for you, there isn’t just one but several signs someone is manifesting you!

With the help of this article, I intend to save you all the guesswork involved and help you know for sure in just a few minutes if someone is trying to manifest you.

Here’s How You’ll Know Someone is Manifesting You

Not all people will consciously and deliberately manifest you. When love is involved, the emotional energy is often what causes the manifestation.

Someone may just have a huge crush on you and their constant positive thoughts about you is what creates the attractive energy to manifest you into their life.

There are many arbitrary signs to help you tell if someone is manifesting you. The biggest chellenge is to dicern between real signs and sign that you are just ‘making up’.

When we become emotionally vested in another person it is easy to start seeing things oinly through your own beliefs.

Here are 13 very common and easy to dicern signs that someone is iindeed manifesting you..

1.They Don’t Feel Like a Complete Stranger to You.

The first sign that someone is manifesting you is that you already feel like you know them.

It may even feel like you’ve known them for a while.

When someone begins manifesting you, and the universe starts implanting their energy in you, this new energy will feel familiar and warm.

Your future soulmate who is manifesting will feel the same way.

Love and relationship coach Nicole Moore states:

“When a person begins manifesting you, you will be overcome with the intuition that your paths will cross soon.”

2.They Cross Your Mind Multiple Times Per Day For No Apparent Reason

Many times a day, thoughts of the same person will run through your mind.

Constant thoughts of them might be stronger if it’s been a while since you last saw them or spoke to them.

Everything around you will remind you of them, such as songs, quotes, places, books, etc.

But what if you’ve never actually met your future soulmate?

In this case, the universe may start preparing you for the fated encounter by planting vague images of them in your head.

Because of this, you may find yourself with the strange feeling that you’ll be meeting them soon.

3.A Real Psychic Confirms Your Suspicions

This is an undeniable sign someone is manifesting you. Quite literally.

You listen when a real psychic tells you your soulmate is manifesting you.

The signs mentioned earlier and those that follow are excellent hints, but they are just that— hints.

The only way to know for sure and get a unique insight is to speak to a gifted advisor.

Some people may be a bit skeptical at first, understandably so.

However, seeing an advisor can not only let you know if someone is manifesting you but also unveil all your love possibilities waiting for you out there.

4.You Feel Compelled to Try New Things

Feeling the need to leave your comfort zone?

Want to try out new things and pursue new ambitions?

If so, take this as a sign someone is manifesting you. So, have you been experiencing a strong urge to switch careers, invest in a new hobby, or pick an activity such as a sport or meet-up group?

It probably means someone is manifesting you.

And who knows, on one of these new adventures, you may meet the love of your life.

Its often spoken about in the law of attraction that you don’t need to do anything to manifest your desires. You just need to take inspired action.

This inspired action often comes in the form of the desire to try something new or to do something that may seem out of charcxater or in breaking with your stale everyday routines.

5.You Run Into Each Other Unexpectedly

If your soulmate puts out positive energy vibrations, universal energy will flow so that you are drawn closer to each other.

You may often bump into them in the most unlikely places.

Make sure you don’t mistake mere chance encounters with an old friend for meeting your soulmate.

This sign is only good when you’ve seen much of the same person without actually planning to run into them.

6.You Routinely Get a Sudden Urge to Contact Them

It is only natural to want to contact someone after not hearing from them or seeing them for a while.

What determines whether this is a sign from a higher power are the emotions evoked when you suddenly feel compelled to hear from them.

If you haven’t contacted someone for some time, and the idea of hearing a familiar voice excites you or makes you nervous, take it as a sign you are being attracted to that person’s life.

7.You Get Visions of the Person

It may sound like a crazy thing, but those who genuinely believe in the power of manifestation and psychic connection know that visions are real.

And they can happen at any time.

It may happen when you are trying to fall asleep, meditating, or simply running errands and going about your daily life.

Sometimes, the universe presents you with new information to contextualise a past or present vision.

Seeing overpowering visions but aren’t sure what it could mean?

I recommend speaking to a professional psychic whose advice will be genuinely helpful.

8.You Recognize Them

Are you wondering if there’s a surefire way to know if whoever is manifesting you is your soulmate?

It may sound a bit unbelievable at first, I know it did to me, but then a friend convinced me to see a professional psychic artist who can sketch what your soulmate might look like.

Once you have an idea, it’ll be easier not to waste your time on inconsequential partners for your future.

9.It All Adds Up

Another sign that indicates your soulmate is out looking for you is if you start seeing angel numbers wherever you go.

Angel numbers are lucky numbers sent as powerful messages such as guidance, reassurance, and even warnings from guardian angels.

Angel numbers related to someone manifesting you include 444, 4444, 1111, 911, etc.

Seeing tangible signs in the form of numbers or sequences is a rare occurrence.

They happen every once in a while, which makes seeing guardian angel numbers all the more important.

10.Family Ties Lead You to Them

Family ties and lineage are a significant part of your spiritual journey.

As such, they can significantly impact your everyday life.

So it only makes sense that someone you meet through family connections and obligations is someone who has been manifesting you.

Even though not everyone has warm relationships with their family, family ties are karmic.

Therefore, you must always keep an open mind and pay attention to where they lead you.

11.Deja Vu Becomes a Common Occurrence

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been through an event, been in a place, or met a person before, the phenomenon you experienced is called deja vu.

According to spirituality, deja vu is one of the most substantial signs someone is manifesting you.

The whole process feels familiar from start to end because you both share an energetic alignment.

12.You Suddenly, Randomly Dream About Them

The universe often uses dreams to communicate with people.

Then, it makes perfect sense that people who share an energetic connection appear in each other’s dreams.

You may encounter imagery in your dreams that confuse you at first, but soon you notice them actualise in your everyday life.

13.You Feel Mysteriously Drawn To Them

Last but not least, you might find yourself being drawn to someone you never considered romantically before.

This indicates that the person you’re being drawn to is the certain someone manifesting you.

You’ll start to find them attractive, engaging, and charming out of nowhere.

“A sign that someone is manifesting you is you feel inexplicably drawn to them.

When someone is channelling high vibrational energies like love, their energy becomes super attractive.”

– Kenneth Wong

You Are Always Safe

One big concern that many people have is what if someone is manifesting me and I don’t like them or don’t want them ion my life?

The golden rule that is built into the law of attraction is that NOBODY can manifest in your reality without your concent.

If you are not open and receptive to someone who is trying to manifest you then it simply can not happen.

You are always safe and Divinely protected by the law.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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