How To Communicate With Your Higher Self

how to communicate with your higher self

Learning how to communicate with your Higher Self is not a skill or like learning some sort of spiritual language.

It is about learning to go deep within yourself and to drown out the noise and incessant chatter of your mind sufficiently to actually HEAR that still small voice deep inside.

We all have a Higher Self.

In fact, you don’t really ‘have’ one but you ARE your Higher Self. It is who you really are – which is very different from your ego which is what you think you are.

7 Powerful Ways To Communicate With Your Higher Self

If your Higher Self is your connection to Divine Wisdom and Infinite Intelligence then it means that at your Highest level you have access to all the wisdom you may ever need.

The challenge is that very few people can suspend their ‘humanness’ sufficiently to really hear the true depth of what their Higher Self has to share and communicate.

We have all had experiences where our Higher Selves communicated with us.

Whether it was a hunch, a ‘creepy feeling’ or even an inspiration.

While these may have been unexpected, unintentional and haphazard there certainly is a way to not communicate with your Higher Self at will but to learn how to actually have this be the dominant voice in your life.

Here are 7 powerful easy in which you can establish and grow this communication.

1. Silence

It’s been said that God’s one and only voice is silence. The importance of being still, of going within and being quiet can not be overestimated.

When you are quiet and still your mind you can actually start to hear your higher Self speaking to you.

We live in a world where the outer noise and demands for our attention is immense.

Someone or something is constantly demanding our attention.

Even during our sleep, we are overwhelmed by the million and one things on our plate.

No wonder most people are finding it hard to connect with their Higher Self. The reality is that your Higher Self is constantly communicating with you BUT are you able to hear?

Are you able to distinguish his/her voice and do you know how to listen?

Almost every religion has some sort of practice that requires you to be quiet, to go within and to still the incessant chatter in your mind.

Whether it be meditation, prayer or quiet contemplation – they all achieve the same goal and that is to quiet the mind sufficiently enough so you are able to hear God, your Higher Self or the Divine within you speak.

Even if you don’t meditate, you probably know firsthand that when you are relaxed, go on holiday or find yourself in nature you feel at peace and you feel ‘connected’ in some way. Ideas usually flow freely and you feel inspired by almost any and everything.

This is why silence is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with your Higher Self.

2. Intuition

If prayer is you talking to God then intuition is God talking to you.

The intuitive faculty of your mind is primarily designed for you to communicate with your Higher Self.

It is what some describe as a ‘gut feeling’ or a hunch or that still small voice inside. What you call it is not important but what is important is the fact that it is there for you to use and utilize.

We ALL have access to intuition.

Its a dimension of your consciousness that you need to develop because even though we are all born with it – very few actually use it fully.

Through intuition your Higher Self leads you to inspiration. It guides you to your true purpose. It knows whether you are making the ‘right’ decisions and it gives you all those extra sensory ‘powers’ that goes well beyond what your reading mind knows.

3. Self Talk

Many people refer to their Higher Self as a ‘person’. While its not really accurate, it can be a powerful way to help your mind and your ego to deal with it effectively.

A lot of the chatter in your mind is nothing more than the mind reflecting its own observations and judgements back to you.

Beyond this chatter however is that real you – the Higher Self that is your constant companion on life’s journey.

Self talk can be a powerful way to communicate with your higher self – providing you learn to communicate beyond the chatter that your conscious mind generates.

I am constantly asking my Higher Self questions.

I am not asking for the winning lottery numbers or whether I should buy a certain stock.

These questions invoke the go and will inevitably involve the mind’s chatter.

I ask questions about my purpose. I ask how I can serve humanity, how can can self actualize and how I can be better as a human being.

I believe that the quality of the communication you have with your Higher Self relies on the questions you ask.

4. Synchronisity

If all the self talk, intuitive hunches and inner nudges fail, your Higher Self will find other ways to communicate with you.

One of the most powerful non-verbal communications is what we call synchronicity.

These refer to ‘messages’ that appear in your life in seemingly random ways.

Seeing the number 11:11 all the time. Seeing certain messages, images or symbols all the time. Hearing a certain song at exactly the right time.

There are a million ways in which your Higher Self can communicate to you in ways that you WILL understand.

Many people blow off synchronicities as random events but when it tends to keep showing up until you received the message

5. Dreams and Dreaming

Dreams are not only fascinating but they are also a scratch reminder of your own spiritual nature.

When you sleep your body and your mind (for the most part) are not involved yet your experiences in the dream state can feel so real and vivid that its often hard to distinguish between the two.

Dreams allow us to enter another dimension of reality.

I’m not just talking about idle dreams that often get controlled by your mind.

When you actively ‘direct’ your dreams you can receive Divine guidance.

Similar to a meditative state, your dream state suspends the body and the mind and you are much more open and receptive to communicating with your Higher Self.

There are endless stories and examples of people coming up with winning ideas when they dream.

Many people keep a notepad next to their bed to record their dreams before they slip away.

Start paying attention to your dreams.

You dream every night.

Remembering your dreams is often just a skill you need to develop.

When you do, you may just receive some incredible insight from your Higher Self.

6. Past Life Regression

Past life regressions used to be very ‘whoo-whoo’ until Dr. Brian Weiss formulated Past Life Regression Therapy.

Today it is a powerful tool that therapists can use to ‘dig’ into past lives to resolve traumas that you may have carried over into this life.

Past Life regressions help you to transcend the physicality of this life and help you to go beyond everything that you may call your life (here and now).

In past lives, there is only the real you – your Higher Self and it reveals to you the ultimate truth that you are an eternal being.

7. Satori & Enlightenment

The concept of Satori originates in Japanese traditions and refers to an ‘instant enlightenment. It is this idea that you get ‘flashes’ of inspiration were all of a sudden your entire consciousness changes.

In The Bible we read the story where Saul becomes Paul where he had an instant revelation.

May religious people refer to this as a ‘conversion’.

This is a spiritual insight where you instantly shift your perceptions. Many enlightened beings like The Buddha and in more recent times Shadguru had moments like this.

Enlightenment refers to the idea that what was previously there but hidden in plain sight now becomes visible.

There are many different levels to this but when you have instant revelations whether it be about your health, your relationships or any other aspect of your life it is a powerful way for your Higher Self to communicate with you.

How Do I Speak To My Higher Self?

How Do I Speak To My Higher Self

Its all good and well to know that your Higher Self is constantly speaking to you. One important question that comes up a lot though is how do I speak to my Higher Self?

How can I ask questions, get guidance, receive inspiration, or get my Higher Self to help me make important decisions?

It’s a complicated concept to get your head around but the fact remains that your Higher Self is the real you.

You’ve been talking to yourself since you were old enough to start making sense of this world.

In his amazing book The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer explains how this voice inside your head and the incessant conversations in your mind not only describe your entire life as it unfolds but it is actually the mechanism through which you create and understand your entire existence.

You can talk to your higher self the way you’ve been talking to yourself all your life.

The ‘conversation’ is never-ending.

The real question is not how to speak to your Higher Self. The real question is whether you truly listen when it speaks to you.

Most people want to impose their own ideas and their own desires on to the most pressing questions in their life.

They can’t hear because they are so deaf to their own opinions that the Higher Self never truly gets through.

Imaginary Conversations

Ghoete was said to have daily ‘sessions’ where he would have imaginary conversations with friends, experts or even intellectuals who have passed away.

He would get quiet in a chair and enter a meditative state of mind.

Then he would imagine himself actually sitting opposite a specific person. He will then start a conversation and gain the insight, knowledge, and guidance he needed to solve a specific problem.

Was this his Higher Self speaking to him?

Not really. However, it was his Higher Self that is always connected to Universal Intelligence that connected him to whatever ‘energy’ he requested to help him gain the insight and guidance needed.

This or some similar process has been repeated by many of the world’s foremost inventors – including Edison.

Your Higher Self is the direct line that connects you to Universal Intelligence.

Do not be afraid to talk to ‘it’.

After all, it is who you really are.

It desperately wants to help you. He/She/It desperately wants you to make the most of this journey here in this life.

Your Higher Self has one important goal and that is for you to actualize the purpose for coming into this body in this life.

Its guidance is always available to you.


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