How Do You Use The Law Of Vibration To Manifest

how do you use the law of vibration to manifest

Learning how do you use the law of vibration to manifest what you really want is about understanding how higher vibrations place you in a different consciousness.

Most people try to manifest something in a high vibration while they remain in a low vibration.

A good example is how many people want to manifest financial wealth and abundance while their consciousness is still firmly rooted in scarcity.

Wealthy, abundant and prosperous people LIVE in a high vibration and rarely have low vibration thoughts and emotions around money.

This is true for anything else whether it be love, a job or your health.

What Is The Law Of Vibration And Attraction Anyway?

While the law of attraction and the law of attraction are often used synonymously there are some distinct differences in how it can help us understand the concept of deliberate manifestation.

Both laws refer to this idea that we can deliberately direct our thoughts to that which we want to attract, manifest and create in our lives.

It is a powerful idea where you move from being a cork in the ocean to dictating exactly what you want to be, do and have.

While it is a freeing idea full of hope and promise it also comes with a lot of doubt.

Most of us grew up with the belief that life happens TO us and that there is some outside force who dictates and decides who get what.

I do believe that we all intuitively know this great truth.

We intuitively know that we are in fact co-creators of our lives and that the law of attraction is in place by design.

As a human being you can change your vibration through your feelings or emotions. That is your ultimate power and in doing that you can direct and control what you manifest.

Do You Attract What You Vibrate To or What you Think?

It’s a great question that gets asked often. Its not really one or the other.

What you think and your vibrational state is intricately connected. The ‘glue’ that connects it though is emotion.

Emotion is often the determining factor in determining your vibration. Most of the time your thoughts lead to your emotions which leads to your vibration.

That is why most people talk about the law of attraction in terms of what you think.

When you consider the law of vibration as the primary law then you can start seeing how your thoughts lead to certain emotional states that determine your vibration.

Not all thoughts lead to specific vibrations.

That is why so much of the ‘deliberate thinking’ that people practice to manifest their desires are fruitless and often even counterproductive.

The Law of Vibration and Manifestation

The law of attraction has become more than just a popular phenomena in our modern culture. Almost everyone has some basic understanding of the law.

Few really believe it and fewer still have first hand experience with it actually working.

The law of attraction certainly has been watered down for general human consumption.

To say that your thoughts create your reality and what you think about you attract certainly is true. There is more to it though.

Like Bob Proctor always said: The law of vibration is the primary law. The law of attraction is secondary.

It is not so much your thoughts as it is your vibration that dictates what you attract and manifest into your life.

The law of vibration states that everything in the universe is in a perpetual state of vibration and that we ‘attract’ into our lives people, events and circumstances that we are in vibrational harmony with.

Here are some key point to understand with manifesting and the law of vibration:

1. Energy is everything, and everything is energy.

Everything I see around me is energy. We know that this is a scientific fact. Even solid objects that appear to be ‘solid’ are actually vibrating even though you can’t see it.

You yourself are a mass of energy. Your body is also surrounded by an energetic field and this energy field

2. Energy travels in Waves or Vibration.

Scientists call these wave-like patterns in which energy travels vibration. Its the way we measure all sorts of energy and it is also the way we can measure thoughts and brain activity.

If everything is energy then everything is also vibration.

Thought is also a vibration.

Every thought you think emits a vibrational frequency. Every thought also has an emotion and it is your emotions more than anything else that creates YOUR vibrational state.

3. Vibration whether positive or negative can attract/detract vibrations.

One of the catchphrases of the law of attraction is that ‘like attracts like’. What this really refers to is that vibrations can either attract other vibrations or repel them.

Positive ‘attracts’ positive and negative attracts negative.

This is not an attractive force like a magnet but rather a form of resonance where those vibrations that are in harmony with each other resonate with each other.

4. The key is to be of the vibration that we want to attract.

The key is to BE of the vibration that you want to attract. Become a positive vibration.

As human beings we have the unique ability to change our vibration. The way we think and feel dictates the vibrational state that we are in.

When you experience joy, love, peace, abundance, vitality etc. then you are generally in a high vibration.

You feel good (as a baseline indicator).

Within that there are many levels of feeling good and you can argue that there is no real limit to how good you can feel.

Most people know the opposite quite well.

Feeling bad about some (or many) aspects of your life is often what is driving you to manifest something different.

That is a big part of the problem with why most people are not manifesting what they really want. More on that later.

Ancient prayers and the practice of prayer in some religions was not about the actual words at all. It was all about using words as a vehicle to reach a certain emotional and vibrational state.

As Neville Goddard pointed out, “the feeling is the secret”.

When you think/speak about what you want, what vibration are you truly emitting?

How Do You Use The Law Of Vibration To Manifest

There are really 2 parts to using the law of vibration to manifest. The first part is understanding what a higher vibration really is and the second part is to let go of the things you think you need.

This may sound completely useless then.

What’s the point of ‘ignoring’ what I want to manifest if what I want to manifest is the purpose of the exercise!?

The universe knows far better than you what you really need.

If you can go beyond your own limiting thoughts and even just make some sort of contact with the ultimate feelings (vibrations) of what you really want then you are able to let go of your own resistance.

This is when the universe can really start working its magic in your life.

The First Part…

One of the biggest questions (and probably the most obvious) then is how do I increase my vibration for manifestation.

That question in and of itself reflects a very superficial understanding of the law.

It’s not so much about increasing or raising your vibration as it is about matching your vibration.

See, you can increase your vibration of hate, resentment, fear, worry and scarcity. Most people do this all the time on auto-pilot.

What you attract into your life is always a perfect match to your vibration.

A ‘high’ vibration refers more to aligning with ‘higher’ levels of consciousness that ‘match up’ with The Universe or your Source.

When you think about The Universe, Source, God or whatever you call it, it looks like…

  • Unconditional love
  • Perfect health and vitality
  • Infinite abundance
  • Pure joy
  • Complete bliss and inner peace
  • Kindness, Compassion and Empathy
  • Unity and Oneness

Substitute your goal of manifesting X,Y or Z with the goal of matching up vibrationally with your Source.

When you become peace, joy, love, kindness, compassion and abundant then you move into a different vibrational state.

This is what a higher vibration really is.

When you are living in that vibrational state you will soon find that you do not need the stuff you worked so hard on manifesting but ironically this is when it all starts flowing to you spontaneously.

Whatever you match up with vibrationally MUST be attracted into your life by law.

The Second Part…

Is understanding that everything you want to attract or manifest into your life is only YOUR assessment of what you think you will need to FEEL a certain way.

You want more money because you think it will make you feel more secure and buy you freedom.

You want a better relationship because you believe it will make you feel more loved and give more joy.

You want better health because you believe that it will allow you to live more of life

The problem is that you can not get there from here.

This means that you can not get to financial abundance if your vibration is in scarcity. You can not get to perfect health if your consciousness is grounded in your current situation of illness.

You have to go beyond your current vibration and create within yourself the inner state of what you want.

The way Neville Goddard put it: You have to assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

When you are in that mental and emotional ‘place’ of the wish fulfilled then your vibration matches up with what you really want.

The reason why this works is because when you assume this feeling of the wish fulfilled then you are in that state where you DO NOT need the manifestation in order to feel a certain way.

As long as your emphasis is on what you still need to attract and manifest in order to feel a certain way then your vibrational alignment is on what you DO NOT want.

In Closing…

In closing I want to summarize with some key point on how do you use the law of vibration to manifest

  • Start paying more attention to your vibrational state – especially when you think about what you really want to manifest.
  • When these thoughts create a low vibration, move on. Think of things that raise your vibration no matter what you think about.
  • Move beyond what you think you need to be happy. Make it your goal to BE joy, love, peace, kindness, compassion etc.
  • You have to almost forget about what you want to manifest and focus only on living at a higher vibration.
  • Its okay to have negative thoughts and emotions but do not dwell on them. Check in on yourself frequently by asking ‘what is my vibration like right now?’ This awareness itself can help you change.
  • Remind yourself daily that vibration is everything. Goals, strategies, ambition and all those things are secondary. If anything ‘feeling good’ is already enough to make that your main priority.


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