Does Coffee Lower Your Vibration?

does coffee lower your vibration

Does coffee lower your vibration? When you drink coffee in moderate amounts and you do not have any underlying health conditions it will not lower your vibration. In fact, coffee actually has the opposite effect and raises your vibration.

Lets stop for a second and consider the idea of your vibration and what affects it the most.

Your mental and emotional state has the biggest effect on your vibration. Although your physical state has a big role to play, it is often your physical state that affects your mental and emotional state.

When you feel tired, sick or lethargic then your mind and your emotions gets dragged down too.

Anything that causes you to ‘feel good’ obviously helps to raise your vibration.

We have to however distinguish between what pumps you up for a short while and what keeps you high for extended periods of time – without side effects.

You can argue that stuffing your face with donuts ‘makes you feel good’ but that momentary feeling of joy soon fades and leaves you feeling like crap – physically and emotionally.

With coffee we have to be careful because it is a stimulant.

Caffeine can be addictive and can have serious consequences when you abuse it.

Can Food and Substances Affect Your Vibration?

When we talk about vibration and your energetic state we usually refer to your thoughts, feelings and general mood.

For the most part, your vibration is dictated by your thoughts and feelings.

Your physical state however does play an important role.

It’s not always that obvious and often your physical state is directly impacted by your mental and emotional state.

When you are down with a flu or feeling unwell physically, no amount of positive or upbeat thoughts can really make any immediate changes in your mood.

Your vibration can be severely impacted when you feel unwell physically.

While this is a more extreme example, the truth is that the way you feel physically can affect your vibration in a much more subtle way.

The way you feel emotionally and the way you feel physically are intricately connected.

Food and substances that you consume all have an energy of their own.

Anything you put into your body can and will affect your vibration on some level. When you consume low energy substances like drugs it can severely affect your vibration in a negative way.

Coffee is certainly something that is part of modern life and many people who are living a more healthy and a more conscious lifestyle tend to run into a dilemma when it comes to coffee.

3 Ways In Which Coffee Lowers Your Vibration

The first and probably the most important point I want to make is that if any substance is not in harmony with you, do not take it.

When you feel that something is not resonating with you, do not put it into your body. Some people’s bodies are much more sensitive to certain substances.

This is a powerful ‘signal’ from your inner self that a particular substance is not in harmony with your energy.

This can be for coffee, alcohol, fast foods or even so-called health foods that just don;t agree with your body and your own energy.

Your thoughts and beliefs about the foods and substances that you consume has a profound effect on how it acts and reacts with your body, your mind and your overall vibration.

I want to focus more on coffee since I too am a coffee aficionado and have struggled with the idea of giving up coffee because it may affect my mind and body in ways that could lower my vibration.

1. Low Quality and Processed Coffee

Not all coffees are the same. Coffee beans are natural and have numerous medicinal qualities to indigenous peoples who have been utilizing coffee for centuries.

Unfortunately many of the coffees you buy in supermarkets – especially instant coffee are laced with chemicals.

Natural and organic coffees that has been roasted are generally of a high quality and they are natural products.

Instant and low quality coffee does lower your vibration because they are unnatural substances that are laced with chemicals.

They often taste of coffee but have very little (real) coffee in them.

2. Excess of Caffeine

As a stimulant, caffeine acts on the brain nervous system. It increases the circulation in your body – including flood flow and the flow of adrenaline and cortisol.

This is what makes you feel alert and awake.

There is a threshold though where too much of this stimulation causes the opposite effect. Like anything that gets over-stimulated it tends to start breaking down.

Excess cortisol and adrenaline can lead to numerous health issues. It will also leave you feeling like crap physically and (eventually) emotionally which is one of the main reasons why coffee does lower your vibration.

3. Rest and Sleep

Since the caffeine in coffee is a stimulant it can cause you to feel alert and awake when your body really needs to rest.

It’s been known to cause sleeplessness and irritability.

Sleep and rest helps you to slow down and calm down. This calmness leads to a higher vibration. When you think about being in a meditative state where your mind is calm and relaxed then that is a state of high vibration.

Excess coffee can have the opposite effect and in the end it can lower your vibration. A lack of sleep can have severe implications on your mental, emotional and even spiritual state – lowering your vibration.

5 Ways In Which Coffee Can Raise Your Vibration

Contrary to popular belief, the advantages of coffee far outweighs the disadvantages. I will however reiterate the fact that I am talking about the RIGHT amounts of coffee – which is about 2 to 3 ‘espresso size’ coffees per day for an adult.

So, how can coffee raise your vibration? Here are 5 ways in which you can benefit from coffee and how it can actually raise your vibration.

1. Feel More Alert and Awake

We’ve already discussed how coffee can increase your alertness and how it can help you feel more awake and more energized.

While this is due to the caffeine as a stimulant it is often the ‘pick up’ that you need at certain times of the day.

When you feel more alert and more awake you feel more energized.

When you are constantly fighting sleep and struggling to stay awake then you will feel distracted and irritable.

I found that this always causes me to not be present. I feel like I need to lie down somewhere NOW! When you are not fully present your energy is scattered and your vibration is low.

2. Helps You Focus

When you are having trouble with being focussed and your mind is drifting it can lead to a lot of irritation and even stress.

When you feel focussed you feel effective and you feel like you are accomplishing your daily tasks. This almost always makes you feel good.

This good feeling leads to a higher vibration.

3. Stop Feeling Lethargic

When you feel lethargic, you feel like doing nothing. It is why most people binge on Netflix and find something to distract them from the real issues in their life.

This often translates directly to an increase in your vibration since your mood almost always picks up along with your energy levels.

4. The Feel Good Factor

If you are like me and the smell of coffee really grabs you then you know how satisfying a good coffee can be.

I love exploring different coffee shops, different coffee blends and the whol;e artistry behind making coffee. If you’ve ever been to Italy and you’ve seen these old school baristas at work then you know what I mean.

There is a feel-good factor that comes from drinking and really enjoying coffee. This feel good factor is something that raises your vibration


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