Dear Universe Please Help Me

dear universe please help me

When you plead, dear universe please help me, your request always gets answered but are you asking for a ‘favour from God’ or are you tapping into that Divine force inside yourself?

We’ve all been there. In a moment of desperation and helplessness you call out to God or the universe to just help you.

You may feel so out of control that you reach for a higher power to intervene and ‘fix’ the situation for you.

You may even start bargaining with this Divine force – promising to do X, Y and Z if only it will help you this time.

There are a number of fundamental problems with this ‘strategy’ and why it never works.

When you call out in desperation ‘dear universe please help me’ you not only ask for the wrong thing but by definition you can not receive help through this request.

The universe is always speaking to us…sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serendipities, reminding us to stop, to look around, to believe in something else, something more.

– Nancy Thayer

Below I will briefly discuss the problem with this ‘prayer’ that essentially is a cry for help and we will look more closely at how the universe actually communicates with you (every second of the day).

Before we go any further we have to address the elephant in the room…can you really ‘ask and it quill be given’ or is that just some nice quote that gets thrown around to make us feel better.

Can You Really Ask The Universe For Help And Get A ‘Divine Answer’ Instantly?

By definition you can not ask the universe a question without getting an answer. The universe acts as a mirror and reflects back to you the energy that you project through your consciousness.

Quantum physics tells us that every thought we think creates an electrical charge in the quantum field. For every action there is a reaction.

This action that comes from your thought has a reaction which comes back to you as a response to your thoughts and questions.

When you ask the universe a question, you send out a request. When this request is sent out ‘correctly’ it gets reflected back to you8 in the form of an answer.

Everything you’ll ever need to know is within you; the secrets of the universe are imprinted on the cells of your body.

– Dan Millman

This is not something that happens sometimes but because it is a scientific fact that your thoughts invoke a response from the universe it happens every time – without fail.

When you say dear universe please help me, and you do it with the right intention, there will always be a response. There will always be an answer.

Not only can you ask and receive but when you ask you WILL receive.

The question and the issue is never whether you will receive an answer from the universe but rather whether you are listening and ‘receiving’.

1. Universe is Not Outside You

When most people cry out ‘dear universe please help me’ there is a fundamental problem with their request.

When you see and perceive the universe as something outside you and you request help from this outside force you most likely won’t get any help.

It’s akin to asking someone else to do something for you.

Sitting back, waiting for someone else to come and do something for you means you relinquish any power you have and rely on something outside yourself to come and DO IT FOR YOU.

There needs to be a shift in your awareness because the biggest problem with the above strategy is that you think the universe is a force outside you.

It is not.

The universe, God, Spirit, Divine Power…whatever you choose to call it is not outside of you but it is inside you.

In fact, it’s not just ‘something’ inside you but it is you. That life force that is you is in fact the universe – you ARE God because you are made up of the essence of God.

When you reunite yourself with your true nature you do not have to look outside yourself for any help or guidance.

You can stop pleading to some outside force to show you some mercy or to do you a favour and help you.

That sort of thinking belongs in the middle ages.

When you really get it and you have that gut-level knowing that the universe is inside you and that it is not something ‘up there’ in the sky then you can start tapping into your own authentic power.

You now have access to every answer you would ever need. You have access to Divine Intelligence and you quite literally have a direct line to the universe.

2. The Universe Responds To Your Intention

We’ve all been conditioned that prayer is a verbal communication. Every Friday and Sunday, millions of people across the world pray and 99.999% of these prayers are fruitless, useless and empty words that only makes the person praying feel a bit better.

Praying to an outside force to intervene in your life and do something FOR you is part of the problem.

The other fundamental problem is the way people ask for help from the universe or from God.

God or the universe do not respond to words.

It responds to your intentions.

Most prayers or requests are just empty words that disguise the true meaning and content of the question.

When you ask the universe for help, what are you really asking for?

What is the true question behind the question?

When you figure that out you know what your intention is.

When you are in a dire financial situation and you ask the universe for help, you are not really asking the universe to drop some cash on your lap (although that would be nice).

What you are really asking for is to feel different. What you are really asking for is a different reality – a different perception or a different response.

Most people do not receive an answer when they ask the universe for help because their intention asks a question that can only have one response and that response is to give them more of what they already have.

I’ll say that again because it is incredibly important to understand that concept.

When your energy and your attention is on a problem then the only response you can get from the universe is more of that problem.

When you plead ‘dear universe please help me’, you need to shift your intention from the problem, the crises or the confusion to the feeling of a solution – the feeling of an ideal end result.

When you do this, you start drawing into your life, the help that you wish for.

3. The Universe Answers Non Verbally

When you ask the universe to please help you, what are you expecting to hear back? Are you hoping that some Divine voice will come down and give exact verbal instructions?

I think many people expect that. We’ve been told Bible stories of how God ‘spoke’ to some people and this has been interpreted as verbal communication.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

God or the universe does not limit its communication through words. Words tend to be the least effective means of communication because words are open to interpretation.

The universe communicates through your intuition, through feelings and through synchronicities.

When these forms of communication come to you, there is no debating the meaning or inner arguing about its authenticity.

You (and only you) know that you know because intuition communicates non-verbally and speak to you in a way that is only meaningful to you.

When synchronicities happen in your life they may have absolutely no meaning to anyone else but you. You know it because you feel it. That inner sense of knowing can not come from anywhere outside yourself.

The universe can use a myriad of external vehicles to communicate with you. It can be other people, symbols, signs, dreams, phone calls, messages, books etc.

When you are waiting on some verbal voice to talk to you and give you the answers then you most likely won’t hear all the other forms of communication screaming at you.

How To Ask The Universe For Help And Guidance

From what we’ve already learned is that when you do need help and you say ‘dear universe please help me’ it can not come from a place of you wanting something or ‘someone’ outside yourself to do you a favour and help you out.

You are effectively asking that higher part of yourself to become more prominent and to reveal itself through you to offer you guidance.

You do not have to ask out loud. You do not even have to ask with words.

You simply have to place your attention on the question, connect with your higher self and then hold the intention of the perfect answer already playing out in your life.

So, how do you ask the universe for help and guidance?

  • Simply quiet your mind. Close your eyes, still your mind and turn your attention inwards. Place your focus on your heart and take a few deep breaths.
  • If you have trouble getting still and centred, simply repeat the mantra ‘thank you’ over and over again while you breathe and focus on your heart.
  • Then, say out loud or silently or just inside your mind: ‘’dear universe, I need your help and guidance with _
  • Clearly state what you need help with. There is no limit to what you can ask for, but be very clear and be very specific.
  • Follow it with… “it is my intention to have/be/create _” and describe exactly what your ideal end result should look like. This gives the universe instructions on what your intention is behind your question.
  • Once you’ve given the universe a clear instruction on what you want help with, say “I ask that you will reveal the answer to me in a clear way that I will instantly recognize as a sign from You and that you will reveal it to me clearly. Thank you”

How to ask the universe for help and guidance:

Dear universe, I need your help and guidance with ___
It is my intention to have/be/create _____
I ask that you will reveal the answer to me in a clear way that I will instantly recognize as a sign from You and that you will reveal it to me clearly. Thank you

How To Listen For Answers From The Universe

Asking the universe for help in a way where your intention is not fixated on the problem is only part of the process.

When you are fixated on the problem, then your intention is on the problem and the only response you can possibly get is focussed around the problem.

This often seems like you are not getting an answer because you simply keep attracting more of the problem.

When you ask the universe for help ‘correctly’ you still need to be open and receptive to receiving an answer.

The question is never whether you get an answer or not. The only question is whether you are listening or not.

A good analogy that you will easily understand is if you have kids. In a group of 30 kids you can easily hear your own child through all the noise because subconsciously you are dialled into their sound.

29 other voices can scream and shout, yet you will hear that one voice no matter what.

When you want an answer from the universe you need to detach from that ‘one voice’ that you are hoping and expecting to give you an answer.

The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself. Everything you want, you already are.

– Rumi

When you truly surrender and you let go and allow the universe to talk to you in any or every way possible then you can start hearing more clearly.

Most of the time we are so dialed into the problem that it is all we can hear.

When you say dear universe please help me, you then step back and have what Dr. Joseph Murphy called Divine Indifference.

You become indifferent to that what, where and how and you simply trust that the universe is now using the most effective way possible to communicate with you.

Your answer will almost always come to you in ways that surprise and even astonish you.

Don’t go looking for signs or for answers.

Put it out of your conscious awareness as much as possible and go about your daily life with your focus on love, joy and gratitude.

When you live in higher emotional states you are much more attuned to the higher frequencies in which the universe operates.

If your effort is on staying in these higher frequencies instead of the problem or looking for answers it ‘distracts’ you in a positive and powerful way that allows those unexpected synchronicities, answers and guidance from the universe.


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