Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch – Book Summary

Conversations with God summary – The following is a summary of the book Conversations With God (book 1) by Neale Donald Walsch.

Could you imagine telling God what is on your mind, and actually have him answer you. This is what happened to the author of Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch.

He says he discovered that God has a sense of humor, believes suffering unnecessary and nothing to do with the theories of heaven and hell, or right and wrong.

In the spring of 1992, At the age of forty-nine, the author realized his life was in a mess, bad health, relationships, and sacked from his job, he woke one night, feeling frustrated and angry, and started to write an angry letter to God.

He asked why he couldn’t make his life work, and why he could get nothing right. However before he had finished writing down his questions, he started receiving answers back. A conversation began, with topics ranging from the nature of God, to how to get his life back on track.

The author was instructed by God to make the dialogue between them into a book. To make God’s words accessible to many people.

This book is the first in an extraordinary trilogy. It discusses relationships, prosperity and spiritual truth. Apart from the author’s conversation with God, you’ll appreciate that your own understanding and conversation with God, is the real subject matter of this memorable text.

The themes running through this book shows that the reason our lives don’t work, is because we are not listening to what God tells us. Consequently we are not on track to receive what we want. Our life purpose is to experience, “Who we really are”

This is a summary of the book, Conversations with God. For this reason, it will not take the full format of conversation, as in the book, but will be concerned with the more important aspects of what God had to say to the author, and consequently, to all of us.

God speaks to us all

God speaks to us all constantly, but we don’t listen. He doesn’t always speak to us through words, but communicates through feelings, the language of the soul.

It is not easy to ascertain your feelings, but hidden within them is your highest truth. The trick is to get to them.

God also speaks to us through thought. When communicating in this way he uses pictures and images, which makes for more effective communication than words alone. Our experiences are also the means by which God communicates with us.

The problem is that we have all placed a great deal of importance on the Word of God, but too little on the experience.

Your feelings and experience stand for what you intuitively, and factually know about something, whereas words are only a representation of what you know, and you can often confuse the truth.

Not all the words you hear come from God, but have been spoken by others, in Gods name. The challenge is to know the difference between a message from God, and information from another source.

Communication from God is always your:

  • Highest Thought – these are joyful thoughts
  • Grandest Feelings – feelings of love
  • Clearest Word – words of truth

Anything else is from another source. Many of God’s messages go unheeded because:

  • We do not receive them
  • We misunderstand them
  • They seem to good to be true
  • They seem to hard to follow

The main problems in the world today are because we have not listened to our experience, instead re-living it time and time again.

Although God continuously sends us messages, he will never coerce or force you to do anything, as he has also given you free will to choose.

God communicates with everyone.

There are no special times when God communicates and there are no special people. God communicates with everyone. The problem is that most people choose to believe that He only communicates with special people, in a special way.

The reason some people hear what God is saying better than others do, is because they are willing to hear, and actually listen. They listen even when what they are hearing sounds wrong, crazy or frightening.

God cannot tell us His truth until we stop thinking that we have already heard God. God explains that Ministers, leaders, Priests, Rabbis, Books, and even the Bible, are not dependable sources.

The way to hear Gods Truth is through you Highest Thoughts, feelings and experience, and whenever any of these are different from what you have read in books, or have been told by your teachers, then ignore these words.

God is the great unknown, he reveals himself through inward experience.


The right way to pray is to show gratitude rather than a request. This is because we cannot have what we want by asking for it because we are making a statement of lack, which can only bring more “wanting”.

When you thank God beforehand for what you want, as if you already have it, then this is your experience. Therefore you should always appreciate what you have.

However gratitude cannot be used as a means to influence God, as He knows what you know. Consequently what you know is what manifests as your reality.

In order to have your prayers answered you have to have faith. You have to believe that what you want is already there. A prayer is a passionate statement of what is, and so no prayer goes unanswered.

However, if you beg and plead, there is less chance you get what you think you are asking for. This is because the Sponsoring Thought behind every plea is that you do not have what you want at the moment, and this becomes your reality.

Prayer is easier when you intuitively understand, that there is no need to actually ask, and the prayer is a prayer of gratitude.


If like most you believe that God decides, and creates all things in your life, then you are wrong. He is the observer, who stands by ready to help you live your life, but not how you expect. We were all created in Gods image, and through the powers given to us by God, we created the rest.

God is not concerned how you live your life, as he as given you the free will to choose, as you wish. In this way what you want for yourself, is what God wants for you.

The dichotomy of God is that he deeply cares about the result, but not about the process.

This again is somewhat contrary, as the ultimate outcome is guaranteed, so in a way, God does not care about this either.

It is our doubt about this, which has created our greatest enemy, fear. For if we doubt God, we live with guilt, and fear all our lives. It is not possible to relax and find peace, if you doubt His purpose, and capability to product this ultimate result.

The author is told that although we claim God is all-powerful, we do not really believe it, which is why we have invented the devil, and imagined God at war with this being.

Love and Fear

It is our nature to love, destroy and love again that which we think the most of. We do this because our actions are motivated by either fear or love.

This is what is referred to as the Sponsoring Thought, which is either a thought of love or fear, and is the main force, the raw energy, which drives the engine of our experiences.

We swing from love to fear and back again. The reason for this is because you do not trust God, or believe you can depend upon his love, so the moment you pledge your love, you become the most fearful.

This is why whenever you say, “ I love you”, you start worrying whether you will hear it back, and as soon as you hear it back, you worry that you will lose this love.

The problem is that we do not appreciate our magnificence and splendor, we do not know who we really are. Not even God could fault this amazing magnificence. We all think we are a good deal less than we really are.

We learn insignificance from the people we love the most, from our mother and father. How often when growing up, have we been told that we are not enough of this, or too much of that.

In this way your parents taught you that love was conditional, and it is this experience you take into your relationships.

This is also what leads us to draw certain conclusions about God. We say he is a loving God, but you will be punished if you break his commandments.

This is because you cannot imagine God being different from your parents. You have wrongly based Gods love on a fear-based reality, what you see of love in the world, and believe Him to be judge, reward and punish. This is not so and has nothing to do with who God really is.

In reality God:

  • Will not judge
  • Is not to be feared
  • Has no reason to punish

Fear is the energy, which:

  • Draws in
  • Runs
  • Hides
  • Closes Down
  • Harms
  • Hoards
  • Contracts
  • Wraps our bodies in clothing

Love is the energy, which:

  • Opens up
  • Reveals
  • Expands
  • Heals
  • Shares
  • Sends out
  • Stays
  • Allows us to stand naked


At all times, you have the free will to choose between fear and love. This is not as easy as it sounds, as you have learned to live in fear.

In order to choose love you need to turn away from the teachings of your well meaning, though misinformed, worldly teachers and listen to the loudest voice within yourself.

This is how you can determine what you should listen to, and what you should ignore.

The only purpose in life, which is also never-ending, is that we all should experience our fullest glory. The more you are, the more you can become, so seek to establish, “Who you want to be”.


Life is not a school, you are not here to learn lessons, but to remember and recreate, who you are. When you remember who you are, then you can act on it. This is because the soul looks for experience.

In the beginning, “ All that is”, knew that there was nothing else. It recognized It needed a point of reference, within. In order to know Itself experientially, It divided into three portions so It could look back of the other parts of Itself and see Its splendor.

The three elements are explained as:

  • That which is here
  • That which is there
  • That which is neither here or there, but which has to exist, in order for here and there to exist.

We are told that it is the, “nothing that holds the everything” and this is what people call God. By creating that which is here and there, God was able to know Itself.

Consequently from No-Thing came Everything, what scientists refer to as, The Big Bang theory.

Both the parts of Itself, which are seen and those unseen, began to identify their relationship to each other. God knew that in order for love to exist, so must its opposite, fear. The moment fear existed, then love could be experienced. The creation of this duality is suggested in a variety of mythologies, such as:

  • The birth of evil
  • The fall of Adam
  • The rebellion of Satan

With this divided universe, of pure energy, God made all that now exists, the seen and the unseen:

  • The Physical universe
  • The Metaphysical universe

The second half of God exploded into vast number of units smaller than the whole, what you would call spirits. God’s purpose for dividing into all these smaller units was so It could know Itself experientially.

So each of these countless parts of God, “us”, “God’s spiritual offspring”, were given the same powers of creation, as God has, as the whole. We all have the same abilities and properties and are able to create physical reality, “out of thin air”.

The only way for us to know our self as part of God, is by first knowing ourselves as separate.

Gods plan, was for his spirit children to enter his newly created physical universe, because this is the only way to experience what you know theoretically.

In order to experience any part of our self we first have to experience the opposite:

  • You do not know you are fat, unless you are aware of thin.
  • You do not know you are tall, unless you are aware of short.
  • You cannot experience what you are until you know what you are not.

This is why we all entered the physical universe with no memory of who we really are.

Therefore you purpose on Earth, is not to learn, but to re-member, “Who you are” and “Who everyone else is”, and to help them remember who they are.

Famines, Wars, and worldwide disasters

God does not show his goodness by creating a perfect world around us, and does not show us love by not allowing us to love others. As mentioned previously nothing can exist without its opposite, and most of your day to day experiences, are based on this reality.

The world is the way it is, as it cannot exist any other way in this realm of the physical. Tornados, hurricanes, earthquake and other natural disasters are the elements moving from one polarity to the other, rhythms of life.

Disease and illness are the opposites of wellness and health. They are evident in your reality at your request. This is because you cannot be ill unless you, at some level have decided to be.

Likewise, you can be well again, when you decide to be.

Worldwide disasters are the result of worldwide consciousness, and terrible personal disappointment are responses that are chosen. You should always ask, what part of yourself, you wish to experience in the face of this disaster.

This is also why you should not:

  • Judge another persons karmic path
  • Envy success
  • Pity failure

This does not mean you should discount a call for help. It is further explained that not all bad things happen are of our conscious choosing, but that we are constantly creating, manifesting as quick as we can think.

This means at some level, you have created what you despise. The author is told that this is an advance level of thinking, but one that all Masters will reach sooner or later, as it is only when we can accept responsibility for our creation, that we have the power to change any of it.

Natural disasters are not created specifically by the individual, but by the degree that these events touch your life. You create individually and collectively, for the soul purpose of evolving, to master life, and you cannot change the outer until you change the inner.


Pain is a consequence of wrong thought; a judgment, and a master can remove the judgment, and make the pain disappear. You should neither judge nor condemn anything, because you do not know why something happens, or to what end.


  • Try to change what you can.
  • Help others who are changing those things.
  • Bless all that God has created.

There are no should and should not in Gods world. These appear only in your imagination, because of what you were taught by others.

Heaven and Hell

Hell is not a place you go to when you die, but it is the natural consequence of any thought that denies God, the worst possible outcome of your decisions, choices and creations. It is the pain you suffer because of this.

It is when you feel unhappy and incomplete because you are separated from God’s joy, but it is not an eternal experience.

God is not a God of condemnation. The whole point of your live is to discover yourself, as you truly are and wish to be. Although you do not have to fear retribution, you need to be aware of consequences, according to natural law.

When something seems like it is a punishment, it is just a natural law emphasizing itself. When you understand the natural laws, you can live without doubts, worries and fears.

In order to remember these natural laws, you have to quiet yourself from the outer world.


As mentioned previously, the purpose of life is to create your experience, the amazing moment of Now.

Therefore before each life time a soul may choose the people, events, places, circumstances, opportunities and options, obstacles and challenges to create its own experience, but you do not choose what kind of life you will experience.

All souls have an unlimited potential in all that they choose to do, and you should bless and allow each soul to walk its own path.

Our World

Our world exists in the way it exists because this is the way we have chosen for it. The author is told that we are destroying our own environment, bit by bit, and have in fact through our own cruelty deceived ourselves.

Nature is kind and gentle, yet we treat it cruelly and deny all responsibility of our involvement.

If you choose you can end this destruction tomorrow, destruction of:

  • The ozone layer
  • The rain forests
  • The ecosystem
  • All wars

The Earth is in the condition its in because of choices we made or failed to make. In the same way your own life is how it is, because or choice made or not made.

It is not until you can see in yourself what has caused the problems in your life or in the world, that you can begin to heal:

  • Feed the hungry
  • Give opportunities to those less fortunate.
  • Give dignity to the poor.
  • End prejudices.
  • Do away with taboos and restriction on sexual energy.

This will go a long way to ending rape and robbery forever.

Struggle and accidents and religion

Religion teaches us that life is meant to be a struggle. This is incorrect, as the victory is won when we surrender.

Accidents happen when certain elements come together, in a particular way and time, causing an unfortunate result.

However depending on the individual souls agenda, they might not actually be unfortunate. This is because nothing happens by accident, and each event is to help you experience, “ who you really are”.

All you ever need to know is that you are the creator of your own reality, so life can only happen as you think it will. Your thoughts give birth to all things. We deny God and ourselves because we cannot accept the greatest truth.

The Natural Laws

  • Thought is creative, this means you can do, be and have anything that you can imagine.
  • Fear attracts like energy, this means you attract what you fear.
  • Love is all there is, moving into the absolute, moves you into love. Fear is the other end of love.

There are no coincidences in the universe. God is in both the bitter and the sweet, the laughter and the sadness. If you don’t see God in both the profound and the blasphemous, you are missing half the story.

You cannot create anything that is outside of Gods plan. This is because it his plan for us to create everything, whatever we want.

God loves us all, whether good, or what we consider evil, it’s relative, and the author is told that Hitler went to heaven. God cannot reject anything, as this means denying that it exists.

You are advised to stay true to our values, and hold on to your beliefs, as these are the formation of your life. However you should review and examine these values, and beliefs, one by one, as few of these are based on your own experience.

Listen to your heart, and if these values serve you, fight to preserve them, but not in a way that harms anyone. If you choose to believe that God is a punishing God, you are Children of a Lesser God, as there is no truth in this, and God has no needs.

Desires are different to needs.

God’s desires are:

  • To know and experience Himself, to know whom He is in all his glory.
  • That we know and experience who we really are, through the power He has given us to experience and create ourselves in whatever way we choose.
  • For the whole course of life to be an experience of never ending joy, creation, expansion, and total satisfaction in each moment of now

God established the Laws in the universe so that we could create whatever we want. These laws can be neither ignored nor violated.

Each minute of your life has operated inside of these laws, and therefore you have created everything that you have experienced.

You are a three-fold being, consisting of:

Body → Physical
Mind → Non-Physical
Spirit → Meta-Physical

This is the Holy Trinity. God is also manifested as Three-In-One, what we usually call the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Also called:

  • Conscious, subconscious and super conscious
  • Id, ego, and super ego
  • Energy, matter, and antimatter
  • Mind, heart and soul
  • Body, mind and spirit

Space is similarly divided into here, there and the space between. Although we know that the space between exists, it is difficult to describe, as then it becomes here or there, but we are told that it is what holds here and there in place.

Part of the divine plan is that you should create and experience who you are. When you make this your choice, then life will take off for you.

Everything you see in your world is the result of your idea about it. So if you want your life to take off, you have to change your idea about the world, and think, speak, and act as the God you are.

This may mean that others think you are crazy, or deluded, but ultimately others will pay attention to your truth.

Living your simple truth, will give you more comfort, peace, joy, beauty and love of self and others, than anything or anybody else can offer.

How to get your life on track

To do this, go to the Highest Thought about yourself and imagine how you would react to what others say.

You will see a real difference between this, and how you react now. Now you can consciously start to change your words, thoughts and actions to mirror your grandest vision.

This stops you living unconsciously, which is necessary if you want your life to take off. Whenever you have a thought, which is not in alliance with your higher vision, then immediately change it to a different thought.

This does not mean lying about something, or ignoring it, but stopping judging.

You also have to know that nothing ever stays the same that all circumstances are short lived, but which way something changes, depends on you.


God explains to the author that we have made a society in which it is not ok to be ok with death, and because we don’t want to die, we can’t understand anyone else wanting to die, no matter how ill they are.

It is further explained that death can in many situations, be preferable to life. The greatest gift any of us can give to someone who is dying is to let him or her die.

All our lives we believe we are our body, and sometimes we think we are our mind, but it is only at the time of death that each of us finds out, whom we really are.

The mind and body do not always listen to the soul, for example, if the soul has decided it is time to leave the body, but the ego can’t accept this, the body will resist death.

However sooner or later, depending on the souls urgency, the soul is going to leave, because it can evolve no further in the confines of the body.

It is important that you listen to your soul and do not make judgments about it. Learn what the soul wants and go with it. The soul yearns to return to Truth for this is the feeling of perfect love.

Love is not the absence of anger, jealousy, hatred, lust or covetousness, but the sum total, the all. This means in order to experience perfect love, we must experience every human feeling, so that our soul can be all of it.

This also means that the soul never condemns anything which is not grand, but blesses everything, as it has to exist in order for another part of itself to manifest. This is the process of healing.

The quickest way is to accept who you are, and what you are right now.

However it is explained that most of us have chosen a more difficult path by imagining that we are evil, rather than accept the truth that we are compassion and understanding, goodness and mercy.

It’s all in the game

There is no way that any of us can go wrong, you cannot lose, as it is not part of the plan. Life is not a discovery, but a creation:

  • God created you in the image and likeness of himself.
  • You are three beings in one
  • You create with your thoughts, words and deeds.
  • All creation begins with thought, moves to word, and is fulfilled by action.
  • You manifest at three levels, and in order for it to manifest, you have to think, speak and do.
  • This process must include knowing, belief, and absolute faith.
  • This means being thankful in advance, knowing that the deed has been done.
  • Whatever you are receiving now, claim it as part of your creation, be thankful and bless. If you condemn it, you condemn yourself.
  • If you do not enjoy some part of your creation, bless it and change it, by thinking a new thought, saying a new word and doing a new thing.

This is all that is necessary to manifest God’s will on Earth as it is in Heaven.

  • Be very clear about your thinking. Think what you want to be, to do and to have.
  • Think about this often and imagine no other outcome.
  • Dismiss all negative thoughts, deny all fears, release all doubts and cling to the original creative thought.
  • Affirm these thoughts out loud and make “I am” statements – this brings what you want to you.

The true path to God

You will never find God in your mind; in fact you have to be out of your mind to find God. He has blessed us in his image and has made certain commitments and promises to us.

You will know you have taken the path to God and have found God, by these indications, signs and changes in yourself:

  • You will love God with all your heart, mind and soul, and you will set aside human love, success, power and money, because you have outgrown them.
  • You will know you are on the path to God because you don not use his name in vain, because you cannot.
  • You will remember to keep a day for God, and call it holy, until every moment becomes holy.
  • You will honor your mother, father and everyone
  • You understand that you will not willfully kill without cause, because you cannot end someone else’s life because it is eternal, and you will honor all forms of life.
  • When you have found God, you will not commit adultery by being dishonest, or deceitful.
  • When you have found God, you will not steal by cheating, or harming someone, in order to have something of theirs.
  • You will not speak an untruth
  • You will know that all others are your spouses, so will not covet your neighbor’s spouse.
  • In the same way you will not covet anything else that belongs to your neighbor, when you know you can everything you want, and everything belongs to the world.
  • There is no such thing as getting to heaven, you only have to know that it is here – you are already there. We were created by God so that He may know who He is. Freedom is to live you life without the need for precise results, without expectation, and to have joy in creating. Expectation is what separates man from God.


All thought is creative, even one that says you don’t want something. If you don’t want it, don’t think about it, as what you resist, persists. The point of life is not to try and get somewhere, but to notice you are already there, and always have been.

Suffering is not the path to God, and is a needless part of the human experience, which can be harmful to your health. God has no control over events, but has given us the tools to eradicate pain, but we have not used them.

The author is told that when enough people believe that we need to do something to help the environment, then we will save the Earth with our thoughts, but this will take a major shift in attitude.

Let your love drive your love ones into the world, and to fully experience who they are, then you will have truly loved. Acknowledge the hand of God when you lose a job, when your child has a fever, and when your spouse is ill. When you follow God, all life’s events become blessings. When you are in your God space:

  • You self-realize
  • You know what you are experiencing is only temporary.

There is nothing you can’t have if you choose it, this is the law of cause and effect, and this is Gods law. The problem is that we misunderstand our power.

If you lose your job, as happened to the author, you like him, will probably see yourself as the victim.

However it is explained to the author, that the truth is he no longer chose that job, as he no longer looked forward to it, resented and even started to imagine doing something else.


The way to be happy in relationships is to use them for their designed purpose, not the purpose you have designed. Relationships are frequently challenging, and are continually calling us to express, create and experience grander visions of ourselves.

It is only through relationships with others that we can exist as an individual in the universe, as we are only relative to something else.

This is why you should bless every relationship as having a special part to play in making you who you are, and who you now choose to be.

When love relationships fail, it is usually because they were started for the wrong reason, what you can get out of it, rather than what you can put in.

Relationships fail because we spend too much time worrying about what the other person is doing, being, planning, thinking, saying, expecting and wanting, whilst all that really matters is what you are being, an we are told that the most loving person is one who is Self-centered.

Radical as this may seem, if you are not able to love your Self, then you cannot love anyone else.

The problem is that people form relationships hoping they will find themselves, but instead, lose themselves, as they have given up who they are, for the sake of the relationship.

This is not the way relationships are meant to be, but it is this way because we have lost sight of the fact that we are sacred souls on a sacred journey.

In order for a relationship to work, you first have to learn to love yourself, to see yourself as worthy, before you can see someone else as worthy.

When you are hurt by what someone else is saying being or doing, be honest with yourself, and admit exactly how you are feeling:

  • If you are feeling negative, step away from it
  • If you are angry, have the rage.
  • Then disown these feelings, as not being who you want to be.
  • You can then create, Who You Are, over and over again.

We have all been taught that love comes from doing good for another, but in fact the highest choice is what produces the highest good for ourselves. This is because what you do for your Self, you do for another, and what you do for another; you do for the Self, as you and the other are one.


The author is told that sometimes in order to be a man of peace, you have to give renounce the idea of yourself as someone who never goes to war. This also applies to personal relationships. You may be called upon more than once to prove who you are by indicating an aspect of who you are not.

This does not mean that if you are hurt that it is alright to hurt in return, but shows that to allow another to keep hurting you is not the most loving thing to do for your Self, or the other person.

Choosing to be like God does not mean you choose to be a martyr, or a victim. You have no obligation in life, nor in relationships, but only opportunity, which is the basis of all spirituality.

More on relationships

Holding on to a relationship does not mean that it’s a success, you work on Earth is not to see how long you can stay in relationship, but to experience, who you really are. However long-term relationships offer opportunities for mutual growth, expression, and fulfillment and has its own reward.

If you enter relationships for the wrong reasons, such as:

  • Fill a gap
  • Bring love
  • Give love
  • Loneliness
  • Relieve boredom
  • Stop depression
  • Comfort their ego
  • On the rebound
  • If you choose a relationship for any of the above reasons, by falling in love as response to a need fulfillment, then it will not work.

The tools for a long-term relationship

This involves entering relationships purposefully, and making sure you and your partner agree on purpose.

If you both consciously agree that the purpose of your relationship is to create an opportunity for self-expression and growth, to lift your lives to their highest potential and for the ultimate reunion with God, then this is a very good beginning.


  • Accept that there will be difficult and challenging times.
  • Be grateful and welcome these times.
  • Make sure you don’t see your partner as the enemy, at these times.
  • Learn to see all problems as opportunities to be and decide, who you really are.

The author is told that he is one of the many special messengers who have been sent to Earth in order to demonstrate Eternal Truth. These messengers have extraordinary insight and the ability to communicate complex concepts, so that the majority can understand them, as with this book.

Taking another’s life

We all came into this life because we chose to, and this is a choice we have made many hundreds of times before. In past lives we may even have killed people.

Killing can never be justified as a way of expressing anger, righting a wrong, punishing an offender, or releasing hostility.

However as mentioned before, war is sometimes necessary to end what evil stands for, but God did not create life so that it may be destroyed.

Killing in the name of God is the highest blasphemy, because it does not speak of who you are. When the author raised questions on the rightness or wrongness of killing. He is told that the problem is that we do not listen to our own experience, especially on important matters. Instead we are more likely to listen to someone else’s thoughts and ideas on:

  • The nature of God
  • Life, death and war
  • True morality
  • Euthanasia
  • Abortion
  • Personal values
  • Medicine

We have assigned these to others because we don’t want to make our own decisions, or take responsibility for them.

It’s easier to go along with what someone else says is right or wrong, and this is what makes human religions so popular. It is also why, some of the strangest beliefs and behaviors have been accredited to God.

If you really think about killing, you need no one else to tell you that there can never be a justifiable reason to kill anything. Doing your own thinking, and acting on it, is acting on your own authority.

When you listen to what you Self has to say you know that killing is wrong in order to punish others, or because some religion believes it to be right. It is your decisions that paint a portrait of who you are.

It is difficult and often leads to inner conflicts, when something we are told by society or religion is not who you are, so what do you do?

The book explains that our first port of call is usually our teacher, rabbi or minister who will tell us to stop listing to our Self, or even scare us away from what we intuitively know.

However your reason for being on Earth is to follow our personal truth, and to be who you truly are.

Why can’t I ever seem to attract enough money in my life?

Many people ask this question. The reason for this is because they usually misunderstand the principles of abundance, and totally misjudged what is good and evil.

We have this notion that money is bad, but at the same time consider that God is good. According to this thought system God and money don’t mix.

This means it makes it hard for you to take money for any good thing.

It is easy to see how conflicting thoughts can arise when you think yourself good, yet think money bad, especially as thoughts are creative. This is why we have to change our thoughts, in order to attract money into our lives.

How to change a Sponsoring Thought?

The quickest method of changing a sponsoring thought is to reverse the thought word deed process.

This means:

  • Doing the deed you want to have the new thought about
  • Saying the words that you want to have the new thought about.

When we repeat this often enough, the mind is trained in a new way:

  • You own your own thoughts
  • You think the thoughts you want to think
  • You create, rather than react

A root thought that needs changing is that of scarcity, we believe we do not have enough, that there’s not enough:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Love
  • Food
  • Compassion
  • Water

In fact we all believe that there’s not enough of the good things, and it is this that makes the world as we see it. It is not bad to have money, nor is it or anything else scarce.

You are unhappy with your situation, “because” you are unhappy with your situation.

The only way to break this vicious circle is to change the sponsoring thought, which involves acting before you think.

An example is presented here of giving money freely to a person who is begging, with the knowing that there’s more where it came from.

You have to act quickly, as each opportunity arises. This means acting before your mind tells you that you can’t afford to do this. This is an opportunity to become who you really are.

Why can’t I do what I really want to do with my life and still make a living?

People who make a living doing what they love:

  • Don’t give up
  • They never give in
  • They dare life not to let them do what they love.
  • They place their emphasis on being, rather than doing

Doing is a task of the body, whereas being is a task of the soul. The soul seeks only to be. This is because you soul knows that it is God, and is trying to experience that. We have to try being what we like to be.

When starting a new business the soul is only concerned with where you are going to be:

  • In a place of fear, in or a place of love

The only difference between people who are successful, or those who fail is because of what the individuals are being.
Success greets the person who is friendly, considerate, confident, caring, open, helpful, cheerful and happy in their work.

Lack of success greets the person who is uncaring, closed, grumpy, distant, inconsiderate and resentful of what they are doing.

Often the mind will be willful over the body, and the body may seek to control the mind, but the soul is totally without the need to control either.
When body, mind, and soul harmoniously create together, God is made flesh. This is when the soul knows its own experience, and the heavens rejoice.

Worldly Success

When you have a thought, such as, “I want worldly success”, or “ I want more money” – You can have neither, because the universe has no choice but to give you want you asked for.

However you have chosen the wrong words, you are telling the universe that you don’t have success or money.

The words, “I am”, are exceptionally powerful, and whatever follows this word, will manifest, as this starts the engine of creation. However, when you say, “I want success”, or “I want money”, you have to produce wanting money, as thoughts and words, are creative.

When you repeat a word thousands of times, it has a tremendous creative power, and becomes your physical reality. This means if you want success or money, you have to think, “I have success”, or, “I have money”


Affirmations will not work if they are just speaking about what you want to be true, they only work when you are speaking about something, you already know to be true, and the best affirmation is a statement of appreciation and gratitude.

So if you decide to experience something in your life, rather than want it, choose it.

The Souls evolution

However there comes a time in the evolution of our soul when we become more interested in the growth of our spiritual side, and Self realization, rather than the survival of the body, or how successful we are. At this time everything is ignored, as all attention is on matters of the soul.

As mentioned earlier, you are made of three parts, body, mind and spirit. This is not only for your life on Earth. When you die, your body changes form, the densest part is left behind, but it always keeps its outer shell. The mind, which is not the brain joins with the spirit and the body, as one energy mass.

If you choose to experience another lifetime on Earth, then your divine self again will separate into the three characteristics of this one energy, that you call body, mind, and spirit.

Whilst on Earth, your body will translate your thoughts into a physical reality. So if you have thoughts of disease or illness, then others will see this sick form.

There is no judgment in the afterlife, but you are given the opportunity to review, all that you have said and done on Earth, and decide if you want to choose another lifetime here, according to Who you say you are, and who you want to be.

Many will decide to return for another chance to experience life choices at this level, but a few will return with a different mission, to help others awaken.

How can I solve some of the health problems I face?

All illness is self-created, although we usually do this unconsciously, which makes it feel as if something has befallen us, rather than something we did to ourselves.


  • Eat animals and fat, and wonder why our arteries become blocked
  • Are angry all the time, and wonder why we get heart attacks
  • Smoke, and wonder why we get cancer
  • Put ourselves under constant stress, and wonder why we have strokes

Worry and hate are the worst form of mental activity. Worry is self destructive, pointless, wastes mental energy and creates bio-chemical reactions to harm your body.

If you cease worrying, your health will improve.

Hatred poisons the body, and its effect is practically irreversible. Fear is worry magnified. If you worry, hate, fear or are impatient, anxious, unkind or judgmental, you will not have a healthy body. All illness is first created in the mind.

You can solve some of your health problems by changing your thinking, and by taking better care of yourself.

This means having regular checkups, and making use of the medicines and therapies you have been offered. Nourish and exercise your body, and stop filling it with poisons and toxins:

  • What you con­ceive you create
  • What you create you experience
  • What you experience you conceive.
  • Your body, your mind, and your soul are one.


The author is told that he has had six hundred and forty seven past lives, and than he has been everything in them- king, queen, teacher, surf, master, student, male, female – a pacifist, warrior, coward, hero, savior, killer, fool and sage.

Karma does not exist in the way that we imagine it to, as there is no karmic debt to be repaid, but there are certain things that you chose to experience, and some of these are affected by what you have experienced before.

Karma exists in the sense that it is the inborn desire to evolve and grow, and we look to past experiences to measure this.


The author is told that sex is all right, and that if God had not wanted us to play certain games, He would not have give us the toys. Sex is wonderful fun, but it should not be misused for power, domination, or ego gratification. Sex should be given and shared.

The author is told that if he wishes to experience himself as a person who has sex without love, then to go ahead, as the only thing that will stop any behavior, is the newly emerging thought, about, who you are. Book Two is to contain a closer look at sex and its dynamics

Life on other planets

The author is told that there is life on other planets, this life has visited us, and we are being watched now, and that the future will be a topic for Book Two, and extraterrestrial life, and the nature of God, in Book Three of, “Conversations with God”

As “Conversations with God”, comes to an end the author is told that he has been given much to ponder and reflect on, as have we the readers, and to listen to God in the truth of our soul, the feeling in our heart, and the quiet of our mind.

God will never leave any of us, as we are His creation, His sons and daughters.

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