Can Intrusive Thoughts Manifest?

can intrusive thoughts manifest

Can intrusive thoughts manifest? Yes! They absolutely can and like any other thought that becomes a dominant thought, it certainly can invoke the law of attraction.

Thankfully, most of our intrusive thoughts are fleeting thoughts that come and go. They rarely gain enough momentum to manifest.

The problem is when your intrusive thoughts become dominant thoughts or habitual thoughts.

Like any thought that manifests, it is not merely a case of thinking a thought and seeing it materialize by next Monday.

The creative process truly serves us and the law of gestation as a corollary of the law of attraction is always at play.

What Are Intrusive Thoughts and Why They Can Manifest

Intrusive thoughts are our darkest thoughts. They are the thoughts you would never reveal or share with others and they are often thoughts you feel embarrassed to even have.

Intrusive thoughts are almost always negative and are almost always thoughts that you do not want to manifest.

They are thoughts that often just ‘pop into’ your head – seemingly out of nowhere.

It is really important to understand that the law of attraction does not distinguish between good or bad, right or wrong and happy or sad.

All your thoughts are neutral before the law of attraction. As a universal law, it will manifest whichever thoughts are dominant in your mind.

Can intrusive thoughts manifest then?

Off course!

Intrusive thoughts are often habitual and they are thoughts that have been settled in your subconscious mind. Thinking about them can give you some sense of satisfaction and think about them often feels good because they are familiar.

Your mind loves familiarity.

Intrusive thoughts can become very strong because of this fact.

Does that mean you are doomed and that your intrusive thoughts will eventually consume you?

Not at all.

You are ALWAYS in control. Through your conscious decisions and your conscious effort, you are ultimately in control.

You can choose to control, direct and redirect your focus on any thoughts you choose.

Breaking thought patterns is not always easy but it is essential if you want to make sure that your intrusive thoughts do not manifest.

How Intrusive Thoughts Manifest

Your dominant thoughts will manifest whether you want them to or not. The law of attraction is a universal law and it is always at work.

It works the same for everyone all the time.

You can not escape it. It is the very substance through which we create our lives and the experience of life.

One of the biggest complaints most people have with manifesting is also one of the greatest blessings.

It is the fact that not every thought you have manifests instantaneously. We all tend to think that it would be oh-so-nice to just wish for something and have it appear instantaneously.

The problem with that is that you may manifest a few nice cars, a beautiful home, and a bank account with a lot of zeros’ but at the same time you will manifest a massive pile of junk.

If you really stop and analyze ALL your thoughts you will soon see that most of them are not things you want to manifest at all.

The law of attraction is NOT selective in which thoughts it manifests. It takes your dominant thoughts as instruction and simply assumes that it is what you really want (because you are thinking about it all the time).

This explains why most people manifest their fears. It also explains why intrusive thoughts can manifest if you do not

Intrusive thoughts can manifest in the exact same way as any other thoughts can.

What is it then that determines how thoughts manifest? For the most part, the manifestation process remains a mystery even though quantum physics is starting to find some answers.

There are 4 main factors that determine when/if/how your thoughts will manifest:

1. The Frequency of Your Thoughts

How often you think the same thought over and over again will be one of the determining factors in whether your intrusive thoughts manifest or not.

Every time you think the thought it is like adding fuel to the fire.

2. The Intensity of Your Thoughts

The intensity of your thoughts refers to the emotional intensity of the thought. Intrusive thoughts tend to be very emotional and often driven by very strong emotions

3. The Quality of Your Thoughts

The quality of your thoughts refers to how vivid the thoughts are. Our thoughts are very visual in nature and work very closely with the imagination.

Can intrusive thoughts manifest if they are based in fantasy? Yes, because the imagination is incredibly powerful and can fuel the flame of your thoughts.

4. The Resistant Thoughts

Almost every thought you think has some sort of resistant thought. The instant you think you can, some thoughts of why you can’t pop up.

This is also very true for intrusive thoughts and in many ways, it is what keeps your thoughts in check.

If every intrusive thought was to manifest then the world would be a mess.

Resistant thoughts are what ‘balances’ you and prevent your intrusive thoughts from manifesting.

Resistant thoughts represent the opposite of those thoughts that would otherwise easily manifest.

How To Prevent Intrusive Thoughts From Manifesting

The theory that thoughts just ‘pop’ into your head is not really something that I can ever agree with. Many experts share this opinion.

Thoughts that just ‘pop’ into your head are usually triggered by something. Thoughts don’t get fed into your mind from outside.

We all have many intrusive thoughts that come and go all the time.

These are not problematic in any way because they tend to be fleeting thoughts that come and go.

The intrusive thoughts that can manifest in your life are those ones that you keep thinking of over and over again.

One big challenge with thoughts is that what you resist, persists.

Trying to not think of something will in fact only make those thoughts stronger.

So, how do you stop intrusive thoughts from manifesting then?

Here are 6 simple ideas to help you eliminate the 4 factors that cause intrusive thoughts from manifesting.

1. Switch Off The Auto Pilot

Become aware of your own thoughts – in particular when you have intrusive thoughts.

Being aware in and of itself can help you move past these thoughts. Awareness can be very powerful because it gives you back your power.

When your intrusive thoughts are allowed to run wild and roam freely in your mind, they become dangerous and you run the risk of those intrusive thoughts manifesting.

Notice when you have these thoughts. Acknowledge it. Pay attention to them and allow them to happen. Don’t resist them because the more you resist the more they persist.

2. Stand Guard at The Door of Your Mind

Your mind is not an open door that simply allows any and every thought to come in and out without your approval.

Most people don’t feel that way though because they allow any and everything to flow in and out of their minds.

Start standing guard at the door of your own mind.

Become aware of the thoughts you allow into your mind. Become sensitive to your environment and the people you surround yourself with.

It has the power to shape your thoughts. If your environment encourages intrusive thoughts, then it is time for a change.

3. Stop Feeding Intrusive Thoughts

There certainly is no problem with having intrusive thoughts. Everyone has them.

The real problem is in indulging in these thoughts.

I’ve already spoken about the strange comfort and satisfaction we can get from these thoughts and that is the main reason why most people indulge in them.

Can intrusive thoughts manifest if you don’t indulge in them? Very unlikely.

Stop feeding the hungry monster. Stop indulging in intrusive thoughts.

4. Rewind and Erase

Your mind is very susceptible to suggestions. Dr. Joseph Murphy suggests that when you have negative thoughts that you do not want to manifest you can simply ‘rewind and erase’ them.

What he suggests is that when you catch yourself in a negative or destructive thought, simply stop and say ‘erase and rewind’.

Tell your subconscious mind that you did not want that thought and that it should rewind and erase that thought.

Your subconscious is your servant and it must respond to your request.

5. Develop and Install New Patterns of Thought

If you are regularly having intrusive thoughts then it is most likely just a thought pattern that has become a habit.

Something triggers the thought and before you know it 30 minutes, half a day or even a week as gone by with that being your dominant thought.

Trying to not think these thoughts are fruitless.

It is far easier and far more effective to simply start implanting new and empowering thoughts.

Feed your mind with positive, inspiring, beautiful and peaceful ‘food’ through the books you read, the TV shows you watch and the company you keep.

Can intrusive thoughts manifest if you actively fill your life with beauty, love, joy and peace?

Highly unlikely!

6.Avoid Having an Idle Mind

As a child, my mom used to harp on about keeping busy. She warned us against an idle mind and encouraged us to always be engaged in something constructive.

While her advice was not appreciated at the time, I can now understand what a great lesson that was.

An idle mind provides fertile ground for intrusive thoughts.

When your mind is not engaged in something positive, constructive or immersive it tends to slide towards the negative.

Immerse yourself in something constructive, positive and inspirational as much as you can.

Avoid bing watching violent TV shows. It is one of the biggest problems. Avoid violent TV games, reading about all the horrors of the world (aka the news) and consuming too much social media.


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