Powerful Affirmations To Let Go Of An Ex

affirmations to let go of an ex

Some of the most powerful affirmations to let go of an ex revolve around forgiveness, recognizing the infinite well of love within you and on focusing your energy and attention towards what you do want to create next.

What you focus your energy and your attention on is what you will get. This is the basics of the law of attraction.

The only things that can ‘grow’ in your life is that which you give your energy and your attention to.

Where your attention goes, your energy flows and where your energy flows your point of attraction is created.

The law of attraction does not respond to your words, your wishes or your desires. It simply responds and reflects back to you what you ASK for through your energy.

Your energy comes from what you choose to focus on at any given point in your life. This focus is mostly responsible for your emotions and also your actions.

These affirmations to let go of an ex are focused on helping you take conscious control of your focus.

When you shift your focus you can not only get over an ex faster, but it can be much easier and even leave you feeling more empowered and more hopeful than ever in your life.

5 Powerful Affirmations To Let Go Of An Ex Partner

I love the term ‘letting go of’ an ex or an ex partner. Terms like separating, divorcing and breaking up really do affect the way you feel and the way you perceive it.

When you let go, it is something YOU do. It has the assumption of your own empowerment built into it and when you let go of someone else you simply let them be and you can move on, move forward and progress.

Here are the 5 powerful affirmations to let go of an ex. I will discuss each in a bit more detail to help you understand why they work and why they are so useful and powerful.

  1. I now let go of [NAME] and release him/her with love and joy
  2. I am a being of love and I love and accept myself unconditionally
  3. I am worthy and deserving of true and unconditional love
  4. I absolutely and completely forgive [NAME] and I absolutely and completely forgive myself
  5. I am open and receptive to love, joy and companionship

1. I now let go of [NAME] and release him/her with love and joy

This is one of the most fundamental affirmations to let go of an ex. Going through this mental and emotional process of releasing your ex partner and allowing them to go freely with love and joy will liberate you.

In the beginning you may still feel some sense of attachment – a sense that you don’t want to let them go completely but this is really important for YOU.

When you release someone with love and joy you let go of all resentment and negative emotions you may still have towards them.

These negative thoughts only hurt you because when you are in a negative vibration it creates your point of attraction.

When you get to a point where you truly want the very best for your ex and you truly wish them well then you will be free too.

2. I am a being of love and I love and accept myself unconditionally

Your natural state is a state of love. When you are born you are immersed in love. You don’t need to do anything to ‘deserve’ your mother’s love.

This unconditional love is the kind of love that spiritual texts talk about. It is a love that goes well beyond what we often refer to in relationships whether it be romantic or not.

As we learn how to be a human being and as we go through life experiences we quickly learn that love between people is mostly conditional.

We become dependent on it.

One of the most powerful affirmations to let go of an ex is this one that releases yourself from the illusion that you ‘need’ someone else’s love.

ALL love comes from within.

Every single time you feel and experience love, it is only something within you that becomes conscious.

Someone else may trigger that feeling within you but always remember that is comes from within you. You have an endless well of love within you and the easiest way to experience this love is to give it away – unconditionally.

3. I am worthy and deserving of true and unconditional love

We all have different ‘rules’ for how we expect true and unconditional love to show up in our lives. Regardless of what this looks like to you, know that you are worthy and deserving of it.


Why not!

You are enough just as you are. The illusion that you have to ‘be’ someone or something else is what trips most people up.

The real catch is that as long as you believe that you are not worthy and not deserving of the kind of life partner you truly want then you will never attract them into your life.

This is a powerful affirmations to let go of an ex because it instantly helps you shift your thoughts beyond what you had and on to what you REALLY want.

The law of attraction is universal and whatever you impress upon it you will attract.

You now get a fresh start.

You now get to choose again – and you get to be a kid in a candy store. You can design your ideal partner and your ideal relationship in every detail.

As you focus upon what you really want and move beyond what was (and what you do not or did not want) you really get over an ex very quickly.

4. I absolutely and completely forgive [NAME] and I absolutely and completely forgive myself

When a relationship ends there are often a lot of negative emotions that can linger. I have found that forgiveness is by far the most powerful way to eliminate this from your life.

Forgiveness means that you completely let go and accept without resentment or attachment.

NO resentment.

NO guilt.

You take absolute and complete responsibility for your own circumstances. You realize that at some level you created ALL of it.

You DO NOT feel guilty about it either.

You recognize that you created it and that you have the power to create something new and something wonderful.

Guilt and resentment have incredibly low vibrations. When you live in these states you can not attract anything good into your life.

5. I am open and receptive to love, joy and companionship

After a breakup we tend to be very skeptical of new relationships. We ‘learn’ that love equals pain or that relationships are the source of (some) unhappiness.

Whether you are ready for a new relationship or not, you need to stop closing yourself off to love, connection and companionship.

This is a powerful affirmation to let go of an ex because it allows you to move past the ‘fear’ of relationships.

When you open yourself up to love, joy and companionship its not so much about finding a new partner as it is about allowing love and joy into your life.

When sorrow and unhappiness takes over because of a breakup then you can easily start living in those emotions for extended periods of time.

Don’t allow yourself to go there.

Instead, open your heart and mind and allow love and joy back in!

Using a Mantra When Things Get Tough

I once heard Deepak Chopra describe a mantra as a taxi. It is something you use to get you from one place to another.

A mantra is a word or phrase that can be used to ‘transport’ you emotionally from one place top another. It’s a word or phrase that you can keep repeating over and over again to help your drifting mind from running off to a place you don’t want to go to.

Mantras have different meanings in different religious practices but what I want to encourage you to do is to use a mantra to help you through tough moments – times when you really miss your ex or where you are struggling to look ahead.

  • I like to use powerful words like
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Thank you

I use any of these and simply repeat it over and over again in my mind. Since your mind can not focus on more than one thing at a time, it instantly jolts you back into alignment and into a positive and empowering mindset.

This is not really meant to replace the affirmations to let go of an ex but its just an additional tool that can help you when you are not ‘feeling it’ with the affirmations.

Understanding The Power of Language

Affirmations can be very powerful. Language and the words we use have a profound effect on the way we think, feel and behave.

NLP (neuro linguistic programming) has been one of the most revolutionary self empowerment strategies of the last 50 years.

It proved beyond a shadow of a doubt how the words we use affect us.

We can us affirmations to let go of an ex by deliberately using new words to reframe a situation. These new words can change our perception and as I often point out, your perception IS your reality.

When you break up with someone and a relationship ends then we usually use common words and phrases like…

  • It’s so hard
  • I just can’t get over [name]
  • I have a broken heart
  • I feel betrayed
  • It takes a long time to heal

Start paying attention to how and when these phrases come up in your self talk and in your conversations with others.

Affirmations work but become conscious of your language inbetween the times you use your affirmations!

What manifests after a break up?

For most people a break up leads to many negative emotions.  Even when you get out of a bad relationship we tend to be overwhelmed by a feeling of loss.

This is often a conditioned response.

We’ve been ‘taught’ how to feel and behave after a breakup.

What manifests after a break up is up to you though.  If you allow yourself to sink into the conditioned responses and allow negative emotions to rule your thoughts then you will manifest what is in harmony with that.

How about choosing something different?

When you choose to focus on what you REALLY want and shift away from all the negativity, sadness and destructive thoughts then you really do have the opportunity to manifest what you REALLY want.

Choose Sooner Rather Than Later

Sooner or later you WILL get over this. Choose sooner rather than later!

Is it really as easy as just choosing?

Yes, at some level it is. Every time you were ever stuck in your life there came a point where you decided that enough is enough and you moved past it.

Time does put some space between things. As your emotions subside over time it does become much easier because you become more detached from it.

Allowing your emotions to roam free and to find and reconnect with the things you love in life will help you move on faster than almost anything else.

Choose your words carefully. Monitor your own inner conversations. Use these affirmations to let go of an ex as often as you need to and always remember that your perception creates your reality.

Whether something is a disaster or an opportunity all comes down to how you choose to look at it.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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