5 Powerful Affirmations For Manifesting A House

affirmations for manifesting a house

Using affirmations for manifesting a house includes affirmations to overcome your limiting beliefs, affirmations about creating an expectation, and most of all affirmations about creating a visualization.

No affirmation in the world will manifest a house for you.

That is not the purpose of an affirmation.

It is merely a tool to help you correct your mind and to think clearly and precisely about what you really DO want.

Affirmations rarely produce instant results. I know there are many affirmation audios that claim to have some ‘secret frequency’ or any other hook they can come up with to ‘manifest rapidly’.

Those things rarely have any benefit.

Affirmations work over time. It is consistency that is the real key.

Manifesting something ‘big’ like a house tends to bring us face-to-face with our own fears and limiting beliefs.

This is exactly where affirmations shine and where they can really help you to manifest.

Manifesting a House With Affirmations

Manifesting a house with affirmations works on two fronts. Firstly, and most importantly, affirmations are designed to build and ‘install’ images of what you want to manifest in your mind.

Your intentions are impressed on the Creative Intelligence through the images you hold in your mind. It is not what you say that manifests, but what you SEE from saying it that manifests.

You do not ask the universe for what you want through words. You ask through the images that you create in your mind.

Holding a clear vision of what you want communicates your desire more clearly and more powerfully to make it manifest in your reality.

Secondly, affirmations are used to help ‘re-program’ your subconscious mind. Our thoughts are creative and any thought that is held in your mind for a prolonged period of time MUST manifest.

Our habitual thoughts are those thoughts that we call beliefs. They are thoughts we think without consciously thinking about what it actually means or if they are true.

These beliefs are most often what manifests in our lives.

They are ideas and thoughts that we inherited and they become firmly rooted in our minds before we are adults.

By using affirmations and the repetition of specific thoughts and ideas we can ‘install’ new ideas that we consciously choose and in the process we let go of those old ideas that no longer serve us.

Using affirmations for manifesting a house does not mean you simply receipt a few lines and see your dream home materialize out of thin air by the end of next week.

Affirmations are a means to an end.

It is a way of helping you correct your mind and your thoughts to tap into the natural process through which everything manifests anyway.

5 Affirmations For Manifesting A Home

In his book You Where Born Rich, Bob Proctor shares a powerful idea that is central to the book. If you build the image in your mind you will be provided with the means to make it real.

It’s worth memorizing that idea.

It is the images in your mind that manifest. Not the thoughts.

A popular saying in many law of attraction teachings is that ‘thoughts become things’ but that is only partially true.

Idle thoughts don’t become things.

The thoughts that become ingrained as images in your mind and that you can see and experience before you actually have it are the thoughts that ultimately manifest.

The images you hold in your mind are the only ‘language’ that the law of attraction can respond to. Words can be ambiguous and have many meanings and interpretations.

Images are exact. They convey unambiguous intentions.

Affirmations for manifesting a house are really a tool we use to help us do just that: visualize.

There are essentially two ways to write and use affirmations.

Singular Affirmations

These are affirmations that are commonly ‘one liners’ and are short sentences around one idea. People usually have long lists of these types of affirmations.

The reason why I don’t like this type of affirmation is that it tends to get very monotonous, repetitive and most people end up reciting them without really being engaged and present.

Loaded Affirmations

These are the types of affirmations I really like because they usually work so much better. Loaded affirmations are carefully crafted, deeply personal, and condense a lot of ideas into a single and powerful statement.

I like to have one of these affirmations for everything I want to manifest.

With loaded affirmations, you can build a lot of visualization and emotion into the statement. These affirmations represent powerful intentions.

I’ve written a lot about affirmations and I would recommend you read some of it here and here.

The main purpose of these affirmations for manifesting a house are:

  • To build the image of exactly the house you want to manifest
  • To create an expectation (not a hope) that it is on its way – this makes it feel real.
  • To let go of limiting beliefs and resistant thoughts
  • To see yourself already living in the home you desire

I’ve included the 5 affirmations below and you can use them as is, but the real idea is that you personalize it.

Use it to craft your ideal home and describe it in as much detail as possible in your affirmation. That helps you to visualize.

Use it to build an image of what it would feel like when you already live in that home. This is one of the most important and most powerful lessons in manifesting anything.

With that in mind, here are 5 powerful affirmations for manifesting a home:

  • I, {Your Name} now attract the perfect 5 bedroom house in North Oaks. I just love the beautiful garden, the high ceilings and the light-filled spaces.
  • I am worthy and deserving of owning and living in a beautiful home that is safe and full of love and happiness. I am a child of the universe and I am worthy and deserving of everything that the universe placed in me as a desire.
  • All that I need to know is revealed to me now. Everything that I need to attract and manifest my ideal home is on its way and the universe is guiding me every step of the way.
  • I now command my subconscious mind to release any and all resistant thoughts and negative beliefs that are preventing my perfect home from manifesting into my life.
  • I am so thankful and grateful for waking up in this amazing house every day. I just love seeing my family so happy and prosperous in this home and I am so grateful for manifesting it.

Using These Affirmations To Manifest Your Dream Home

I recently saw an affirmation doing the rounds on Facebook and Instagram and it seems to be shared a million times.

The affirmation said: I now manifest the home of my wildest dreams

When I saw it my heart sank.

These are exactly the type of affirmations that don’t work. They can’t.

It is undefined, unclear, and nothing more than word salad. Don’t fall into the trap of buying into affirmations that sound good.

Use the 5 affirmations for manifesting a house as a template and craft your own. Get very clear on exactly where the house should be, what it should have, and exactly what it should look like.

Describe it in great detail and build the image in your mind.

Use that image to create your affirmations that are specific, highly visual, emotionally driven, and that you can ALREADY SEE yourself living in.

This is how affirmations succeed.

Also, keep in mind what Bob Proctor said – when you build the image you will be provided with the means to make it real.

Your dream house won’t manifest out of thin air. You will be guided every step of the way and the process of acquiring, finding or creating this home will unfold in your life.


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