7 Powerful Ways To Reconnect With Your Higher Self

The desire to reconnect with your higher self may come to you at different times in your life. You may be going through a personal crisis, be faced with very tough decisions or you maye feel like your life is not worth living.

It is really important that you understand that your higher self is always trying to reconnect with you.

So, what is your higher self really?

Your higher self is that part of you that is beyond your body, your mind and your personality. It is who you really are. It is that part of you that never ages and that never dies. It is that part of you that is connected to your divine Source.

The great value in reconnecting with your higher self is not just to find a brief moment of divine connection, but to transform the very way you live your life.

Being connected to that higher and sacred part of yourself is the key to living life more consciously and having a greater awareness of the folly of ordinary daily distractions.

On a deeper and mostly unconscious level, we are all aware of our spirit. Even though we are all aware of this spiritual nature, the challenge in living a truly spiritual life is that we so easily get seduced by appearances.

Even though the world of sensory perception is rich, it is the invisible and intangible aspects of life that really fascinates us.

Throughout history this has been the driving force behind much of humankind’s explorations into both the physical and the metaphysical world.

There are so many things that we know is there, yet we can not see it or perceive it through our senses..

It is this fascination that’s been the driving force behind some of the greatest discoveries and it’s also the driving force behind most of our spiritual pursuits.

In the New Testament Saint Paul reminded us that although we are ‘in this world’ we are not ‘from this world’.

It’s a peculiar thing, living life without really knowing why we are here or where we came from. We know that there is something or ‘someone’ bigger than us and that we had to come from somewhere.

We often get caught up in this life and all the problems and frustrations that we all have to deal with on a daily basis. But, underneath it all is that part of you, your higher self, that is not concerned with any of it.

Regardless of your personal spiritual beliefs, we know that there is a divine and universal intelligence behind all of life.

It is from this infinite intelligence that we all come and it is to this that we all go back to when we leave this life. This ‘invisibleness’ is something – a force or an energy that we are always connected to because it constitutes the very essence of your life.

When you are connected to this dimension of yourself you are united with the very intelligence that creates and sustains all of creation.

Discovering and connecting to your higher self does not require and special mountain retreats or guru guided meditations. It simply requires that you look deep within yourself.

Discovering your higher self and finding God in your life is not something that you have to go and find somewhere outside yourself.

Think of it this way: electricity has always been available to us – even to prehistoric cavemen. Only when we discovered it, were we able to use it.

Your higher self and divine guidance is, and has always been available to you. You simply have to rediscover it to be able to use it.

The 7 Powerful Ways To Reconnect With Your Higher Self

1.Consciously Become Aware of Your Thoughts

When you become aware of your Self and realize that you are a spiritual being on a spiritual path you can start to live your life more consciously.

Most people are numb to life and they just float through it unaware of themselves and the bigger picture. Epictetus said that what’s necessary to change yourself is self awareness.

Only when you are ‘awake’ can you pay attention to and notice the higher dimension of life. Start paying attention to your thoughts and what you think about in everyday situations.

Are you thinking or are you merely reacting?

When you notice your thoughts and catch yourself being negative or destructive in your thoughts you can stop it.

Your higher self can not be consciously present in your life if its voice is drowned out by negativity.

Your higher self’s presence can only be felt and perceived when you are at peace.

Start paying particularly close attention to what you feed your mind. The stuff you watch on TV, the articles you read and the conversations you get involved in. These all have a massive impact on your thoughts.

Feed your mind with positive and uplifting “soul food”.

2.Change the Way you Look at Things

Everything within your field of experience is based on your own personal perception. Different people can experience the same events and circumstances, yet they can have wildly different experiences.

One of the great spiritual insights is that life simply ‘is’ – it is through our perception that we create meaning.

Nothing in your life has any meaning other than the meaning you give it.

When you start looking at life from a more spiritual and loving perspective you see everything in a new light. It often just takes a slight shift in your thinking.

Instead of reacting (based on your old habits) you actually think and you are present in the moment. You get to consciously respond instead of reacting unconsciously.

When you are connected to your higher self and live with a greater spiritual awareness you are able to live from that part of you that is free from judgement.

This will help you to stay centered and to see past the limitations of the appearances and trivialities of life and be more at peace.

3.Ask for Guidance

Wherever you are right now, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Ask your higher self to become more present in your life. Ask for guidance on anything in your life and you can even ask for a sign.

You have divine guidance available to you at all times.

Your higher self, your soul (or your spirit) is your connection to God and to the infinite intelligence that keeps this entire universe in complete harmony.

When you turn your attention inwards, you can access this guidance and as you learn to trust in this source of inner strength you will learn to live with more power and a greater sense of inner peace.


It’s been said that if you can’t find a temple in your heart you won’t find your heart in a temple. Most people seek God in all the wrong places.

God is to be found inside yourself and meditation is the best way to connect with your higher self.

God is not some being up in the clouds that dictates our lives for us. God is within each and every one of us. In the ancient scriptures, it was said “be still and know that I am God.”

Be still and discover God for yourself and ask for divine guidance in your life.

Meditation is not some weird religious practice. It as something as simple as closing your eyes, noticing your breath and getting your mind to become still.

When you can silence the mind, your higher self can be heard.

Being more at peace is a natural result of meditation and when you are at peace your higher self can flourish and be fully present in your life.

5.Become More Inner Directive

Are you someone who just can not make decisions? You find yourself asking everyone’s opinion all the time and you are always afraid to make decisions out of your own.

This is nothing more than a bad habit. You have probably un-learned how to trust yourself. When you reconnect with your higher self you will connect again with your own authentic power.

Stop looking outside yourself for guidance. You have an incredibly powerful source of guidance in you. You just have to learn how to trust again.

When you truly trust in yourself, you trust in the wisdom that created you.

What better source of guidance could there be?

6.Treat Your Body As Your Temple

Your body is the only “place” where you can live. Treating your body as a temple is by far the easiest way for you to reconnect with your higher self.

If you drink a lot, take destructive substances and generally live an unhealthy lifestyle then your body exists at a very low vibration.

Drink a lot of water, rest a lot and stay away from foods and drinks that you know is not conducive to good health.

When you feel good in your body your mind follows suit and when your mind and body is calm and at peace your higher self can be more present


Holding on to anger, resentment and any other destructive emotions will poison you more than you can ever imagine.

Your higher self can not be present if your inner environment is filled with hostility, anger and hatred. These emotions are almost always the result of you not fully forgiving.

It may be people from your present oir your past. It may even be you having to forgive yourself. Until and unless you fully forgive you will not be able to let go of these emotions that only serve to poison you.

Forgiveness is something you do for yourself. It is not something you do for someone else or to let someone else “off the hook”. You do it for you because in doing it you free yourself.

===Final Thoughts On Realigning With Your Higher Self

Reconnecting to your higher self does not require any special spiritual rituals (although it could).

The very thought of connecting with your higher self is enough to connect you to It. Remember that your higher self is always seeking to make its presence felt in your life.

Your job is simply to connect with it.
You do this predominantly by drowning out all the noise from everyday life that allows your higher self to remain undetected.

When you seek you shall find and when you ask you will receive.

When you seek to live closer to your higher self (or God within you), you will. The very act of seeking this connection will connect you to God.

When your thoughts are on love, peace, joy, goodness and abundance you are in harmony with God and you will know God. When you remove yourself from it through thoughts of hate, guilt, harm, anger ec. you prevent the Divine guidance from working through you.

Stay connected.

Look within and consciously live your life with love, peace and harmony.


With a passion for spirituality, self discovery, and understanding this life, Neod spends his time musing about what is, what could be and what might come about. After writing for 20 years he's still growing, learning, exploring and sharing with love, joy and compassion.

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